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2 Months Transformation

The whole 2020 year has been too bad and non progressive for most of us due to the Corona virus pandemic outbreak ! Due to this a alot of gyms and other outgoing were restricted and totally abandoned And the one to be affected the most was me. Because of not been able to workout for straight 7 months and unable to go out.

LEFT PHOTO 95 KGS : This was the condition of my body after not working out for months and resulting in muscular atrophy and Fat gain! Also at this time I was suffering from SPINAL HERNIATION due to prior heavy lifting.I had no hope of coming back to the way I was before ! There was no Strength or any aesthetics left in me !3:05

RIGHT PHOTO 89 KGS : This is the time when I had to change my mind and get back to where I was but this was not easy at all I had to go back and start over again. And at this time I decided to enroll to A GENESIS PROGRAM by @akshaychopra_werstupid sir as I got in touch with him. He made me understand the whole program and results are above ! G THANK YOU @akshaychopra werstupid sir for helping in my fitness journey! Still 1 month is remaining,

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