Today when the majority gets fascinated just by looking over other’s abs and muscle definitions and those people brag about it, atleast there is someone who talks and educates about being fit and healthy in general – the most important point to consider. I really liked the idea sir and thank you very much for your effort as you show where the gap is and how to bridge it. I am watching your videos for quite some time and learning a lot of things.

Sandip Navnath Supekar

Genesis fat loss program was really good as it allows me to eat which I like the most. Ghar ka khana and no fancy snacking…

Sonia Oberoi

I have learnt very useful things about a good and healthy diet from Mr. Akshay. His diet plan and Q n A with him helped me to understand things I was not well aware of. Also his weight training and exercise plan helped me to understand what kind of workout regimen I should follow to stay fit. I follow his youtube channel too and learn quite a lot. I am glad I opted for his professional help.