Junaid Iqbal

bina apna taste&bud badle hue result achieve kiya with true knowledge and training just because of akshay sir thank u sir u means a lot to me


Genesis program is one of the best online program I’ve seen. It is so much detailed and it helps you see fitness from a new point of view. Beside the good program I also got other benefits like website membership, support from Akshay sir and team. I don’t think anyone can provide so much for this price. This transformation was not about just loosing few pounds, it was more about becoming better version of yourself and the best part is I still have my strength even more as I had during bulking. I want to compete in future and I guess I have found the right and trustworthy coach for that. Akshay sir has always been a mentor to me and he guided me very well during my journey and I hope he will guide me in the future too.

Gagan Chaudhary

Sir, I just wanna say this is the best workout one can ever have!!. Planned very accurately. It was my Day-1 and i felt awesome and the work you did while writing that pdf is really appreciable. So happy to find a mentor like you. Wanna travel long way with you. Thank you so much sir!!

Sumit Swarnamaya

For the first time,in my life, i saw the simplest diet program which i can follow in my entire life and maintain my physique. Thank you so much sir.

Kamal Rajak

Hello sir.. The way you have designed my fitness and nutrition program is so amazing… It’s superbb… 👏👏 The point which you have mentioned after looking my pics that even i’m not having a basic strength and fitness and you can’t suggest me the intermediate training… even after looking myself i thought the same and that is the reason i forwarded you my current images… Yes will make sure to follow the routine which you have shared and will come back to my fitness again 😄🤝

Mohit Verma

Sir 5 Weeks ki training reh gyi .everyone in gym appreciated even gym owner self claimed that the man has lost weight in the gym. Lost around 7.5 kgs without touching treadmill or elliptical. Family members surprised ki ye pronthe khaker bhi kaise kam ho raha hai. It’s been you showering blessings in the form of genesis. I am continuously telling trainer and other anabolic using athlete ki main pronthe khakar abs nikalunga

Sharad Vaidhya

I enrolled in Genesis Program in March, 2020. With the help of Akshay Sir and his team I got a step closer to my goal. His keen knowledge in this field helped me a lot that too without any rigorous diet chart but definitely with intense workout plans. His words that “muscles are build in gym not at the kitchen” are really true. This program not only helps you to improve your physic but it also helps to improve your lifestyle and clear most of the myths of this field. I am really thankful to him and his team for always being there for me.

testimonial satnam singh image

Satnam Singh

Genesis is program where i got real knowledge of food nutrition supplements nd workouts…this is best program in world…it effected my body as well as my minds nd cleared alot of myths nd misguidense…

abhishek khanna pic

Abhishek Khanna

Today, 20 kilos lighter, I proudly say that I am the changer of my life – from being comfortable and least bothered about my health to now becoming a fitness role model for those who crossed their 40’s & here is my story. Age: 43 Before and after weight: 92 kg to 74 kg Before health issues: Type 2 diabetes, Hypertension induced Varicose Veins     Health now: From Insulin to NO Insulin, Just Oral Medicines – Maintenance dose Coach’s Name: Akshay Chopra Sir, Delhi Time taken: 1 year 6 months Goal Next – I pledge for aging gracefully. “I was an over pampered, inactive kid from childhood and remember weighing 50 kgs when I was in 12th standard. An Emotional Eater turned Couch Potato, Being reared in the family where Being healthy means “khate pite ghar se hona” used to be a medal. Food was a therapy for me specially Breads, Ice-Cream, fast and all sort of Junk Foods After marriage, my weight kept on increasing. My favourite clothes did not fit me anymore but I was happy in my own world of being fat. Every year I made promises to loose weight but that year never came. The day came when I became father and even Then after, the problems kept on increasing but I had no clues from where to start. I tried all kinds of fad diets but all were a waste of money and time. My health was degrading day by day and I started losing my confidence in professional life also. 18Months ago to the day I made the decisions to change my lifestyle and commit to become a healthier me. Credits to Akshay Chopra Sir for developing an awesome program “Genesis”. It has been an awesome transformation Journey over the last 18 months from 31st May 2019, the day I enrolled for the Genesis Program. My work is in progress and I am looking forward to where it continues to take me. Program is really a game changer to the serious results seeker actually NOT looking for a MAGIC Pill way. I hope my piece of story serves as a motivation for all fathers and mothers who are in their 40’s thinking that FAT to FIT is just a Fantasy for them. I suggest all of them stay focussed, put in the hard work and the results will come. Akshay Sir Theory works. Fancy Diets, Stupid Workouts, hell of supplements & Internet Gyan Baazi do not. Hence Proved. Period Life is what you make it” – at any age! You only get one chance, so the secret is to make the best of it ! You are as young as you feel! Let us pledge for aging gracefully.

Manish Mittal

I enrolled in Genesis program on June, 2020.  Currently my 1 month has completed and still my program is going on. I got the good results. I have reduced my overall body fat by following the home workout during this lockdown. Whole program was made easier for me by Akshay sir. Thanks to Akshay sir and his team for their support.