If I could rank the animal movements in terms of their overall effect on the body musculature and their level of hardness in performance, then Crocodile Walk may be on the toughest and highly effective movement you could perform.

The crocodile walk involves very high skilled movements which involves coordination, flexibility and strength. This movement is not an easy one, and may be a challenge for an absolute beginner to perform initially.

To perform the movement:

  1. Get into a push-up position with arms slightly wide.


  1. Keeping one hand on ground move the other hand forward so as to reach a further distance and at the same time lift the opposite leg to push the body forward as shown in the picture.


  1. As you touch the hand and opposite leg ahead on the ground go down as you bend in a push-up position.


  1. Now, push the body up and use the other hand and leg to take the next step and repeat the above procedure such that in every step you bend the body from side to side along the trunk.



For the beginners, the hips may remain high in the air which is fine but as you gain coordination and strength, make sure the hips remain down in line with the body.

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