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animal workouts

Animal workouts are some of the most powerful workouts you can perform. They target the entire body musculature and are amazing for people of all age groups. These movements do not require any equipment, and simply use your own bodyweight to enhance fat loss, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

When combined with sprint workouts, the animal workouts movements and sprints will be among the most powerful circuits you could do. In fact, most of the professionals, to their own surprise, are panting after this amazing workout session.

Here is a powerful Sprint-Animal Workouts Circuit.

Take three cones at points A, B & C placed 20-30m apart.

Now perform the following circuit without stopping:

Bear walk – A to B

Crocodile walk – B to C

Sprint back – C to A

Perform a set of 3-5 of the above circuits, at a rest period of 1-3 min depending on the level of fitness.

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