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Over the years I have observed a lot of limiting factors in the careers of fitness & nutrition professionals in India. But this one may be the simplest, but one of the most important factors, limiting their growth and earning potential.

I have asked this question many times to fitness/nutrition professionals, and to my surprise, everyone knew the answer, but very few never reflected upon it.  The question was, “how many of the people who workout in a gym are hardcore sportsmen?”, or “how many people who consult you for a diet, are pro athletes?”.

The real answer was, not >1% in most cases, but never over 2-5%. So, if your clientele is just 1-5% pro athletes, bodybuilders etc. then who are the remaining clients? They can be anyone from normal fitness freaks, to corporate professionals, older individuals, females, kids, medical cases, injury rehab cases, pre & post pregnancy cases etc.

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What does this mean? This signifies the fact that 95-99% of your income would come from the population other than pro athletes or bodybuilders. In fact, most bodybuilders and sportsmen have very limited paying capacity. That’s why educating yourself through various fitness courses and certifications, books, blogs and research studies is not just needed, but of vital importance, throughout your life.

That’s why being a smart and educated fitness professional will help you attract many more clients than being a bodybuilder. You will be more known as a complete fitness professional than a bodybuilding coach. Targeting a broad spectrum of clientele will help you multiply your income much faster.

I have seen, especially in gyms, coaches focusing either on bodybuilders, couple of youngsters, or few attractive girls. Then they question, why their client base is stuck. This is because there is a whole lot of high paying clientele on which few are focusing.

How many clients in your gym are suffering from a chronic medical issue, or has overcome an injury?

How many people are having extremely hectic & stressful work schedule, and need a different kind of workout which gives them a balance of toughness and relaxation?

How many elderly clients have you approached for training?

Are there any young kids who need help, or whose parents are looking for a specialized kind training for them?

If you don’t know the answers to the above questions, then you better find them. But as you do that, you have to educate yourself on how to help and train such individuals. How to train older individuals, or kids, or pregnant females, or special population cases etc., and for all that, sit down and study.

The same is the case with nutrition professionals. You will have a range of clients coming to you, from different backgrounds, and different aims and goals. you should be welcoming them with open arms, not get selective.

Remember, the more you limit your knowledge, the more you limit your income.

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