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Vince called these type of rep scheme in a workout as the “Flushing Sets”. Flushing sets are high rep sets which are done at the end of heavy intensive low-rep sets.

This final set is done with a much higher rep range, which increases the blood flow and pump in that area extensively. By the time you are done with the low rep heavy sets, the muscle being worked out is quite fatigued. Reducing the number of reps, and pushing to failure in form of high rep set, would further fatigue the muscle, so that it adapts and grows bigger. This high rep set, after the muscle is fatigued, sends in nutrition & oxygen rich blood into the muscle, which enhances recovery.

Here is how the weight is to be used in the sets:

  • 10 reps with 50% of 6RM
  • 8 reps with 75% of 6RM
  • 6 reps with 100% of 6RM
  • 15 reps with 35% of 6RM

What is a bit surprising is the rest between sets prescribed by Vince was only as long as it takes you to take in six deep breaths with open mouth. Though I would suggest 45-90 sec, depending on the intensity.

The program is total of three days/week for upper body and 2 days/week for lower body. You can surely progress every week, but hold on your horses. Don’t jump the gun. Monitor the progress and progress slowly, 1-2% a week would a good rate.

Vince believed in slow and controlled tempo and strict form for every rep.

Vince did certain peculiar movements, which I would be changing to more conventional, but with very minor changes, only when really needed.

Here is the workout:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – UPPER BODY

Chest: Neck Press (as Vince did), but you can do Bench Press/Dumbbell Press

Back: Lat Pull Downs

Deltoid: Barbell Upright Row

Triceps: Dumbbell Pullovers

Biceps: Dumbbell Curls

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – LOWER BODY

Quads: Smith Machine Heel Raised Squats (heels on plates)

Calves: Single Leg Calf Raise

Abs: Barbell ¼ Roll Up (Lie on a flat bench, as you would during a bench press. Hold the barbell like in a bench press, but close your neck, at the upper sternoclavicular junction. Feet on floor. Roll up like a crunch, but only to a level where your upper back lifts up and the abs contract. Then slowly go back to the original position. During contraction, exhale out.)

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