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vince gironda shoulder workout

Hearing about 10×10 what comes to your mind is the German Volume Training workout concept, about which I have made a detailed video and written an ebook.

But the Vince Gironda’s 10X10 workout is a completely different workout. Though a high volume workout, but it has nothing in common to the German Volume Training. No one knows whether the Eastern Bloc Weightlifters gave the 10X10 workout first or was it Vince. Though Vince never claimed any such thing. However, it doesn’t really matters, as both type of workouts are excellent to perform, and are completely different from one another.

In Vince’s 10X10 workout system, you focus on one muscle, which is generally your weaker muscle and you need to focus more on it. For this muscle group, one exercise is done for 10 sets and 10 reps.

Remember to do the workout as it is. Only one exercise is done for 10 sets and 10 reps. You cannot do 2 different exercises for 5sets and 10 reps each, just because you are bored.

This is not an easy workout. Choose the exercise which gives you maximum muscle activation, mainly a compound movement. This 10 reps for 10 sets workout is performed twice a week for the same muscle, and the same exercise generally, which is the real hard part.

Also, the entire workout is a 6 days workout, which makes it an overall high volume workout. Definitely not for the week minded.

This workout is a shoulder specialization workout. Vince believed in slow and controlled tempo and strict form for every rep.

Vince did certain peculiar movements, which I would be changing to more conventional, but with very minor changes, only when really needed.

You can surely progress every week, but hold on your horses. Don’t jump the gun. Monitor the progress and progress slowly, 1-2% a week would a good rate.

Here is the workout:

Monday & Thursday – Chest, Back & Shoulder

Chest: Neck Press (as Vince did), but you can do Bench Press/Dumbbell Press – 4 sets X 8 reps

Back: Lat Pull Down – 4 sets X 8 reps

Deltoid – Upright Row/Military Press/Dumbbell Press – 10 sets X 10 reps

Tuesday & Friday – Arms & Forearms

Triceps: Skullcrushers – 4 sets X 8 reps

Biceps: Barbell Drag Curls – 4 sets X 8 reps

Forearms: Reverse Drag Curls – 4 sets X 8 reps

Wednesday & Saturday – Quads, Hams & Calves

Quads: Hack Squat – 4 sets X 8 reps

Hams: Lying Leg Curl – 4 sets X 8 reps

Calves: Donkey Calf Raise – 4 sets X 20 reps

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