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The MostExtensive Online Fitness Program

What we don’t do

What we don’t do

Calorie Counting
Calorie counting, macro partitioning, etc will all be there for your understanding. Just that, your Personal Coach will do it for you.
Measuring of food
Your Personal Coach will help you in understanding the basic portion control in your daily diet, reducing your life’s stresses.
FAD/Trending Diets
Your home food is the healthiest, always and every time. You just need to tweak it a bit, not change it completely with something totally foreign.
Extreme Workouts
Everywhere, irrespective of the requirement of an individual, extremely high volume workouts are being prescribed. When they don’t even have to.
Fancy Western Foods
There is no food which is compulsory. The food you eat depends on various factors like allergies and sensitivities, your lifestyle etc.
Useless Supplements/Herbs
Most of the products are proven by research to be useless still they are being sold, but also are outright dangerous.


The best industry experts curate for you

Highly customised diets based on your culture, traditions, religion, and allergies, etc.

Taste Buds and Food Preferences

Our Coaches will take into account what you like and consume in general.

Your current lifestyle

There can’t be a common diet for everyone because everyone is different physically & emotionally.

Your aims & goals

Every person has a different goal in mind, our experts will take of especially that.

Now when it comes to WORKOUTS

Complete Exercise & Physical Activity Library

100% free access to the biggest library of exercise videos.

High Intensity, NOT High Volume

Encouraging and sustainable allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of your life.

Progression & Variations

The most neglected part is progressions. We add tons of interesting & challenging variations week by week.

Human Movement

Be more active and increase your overall physical activity, other than the time you spend exercising.


Genesis will make you fit.

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Genesis Pro


Personalized Workout Routine


Personalized Nutrition Plan


Daily Exercise Movement Corrections


Special focus injury rehab & clinical sports condition


Unlimited calls with the Coach


Access to Biggest Exercise Video Library


Regular diet monitoring & Meal tracking


100% Natural Transformation (No Steroids, Fat Burners, Meal replacement shakes, mass gainers, diuretics etc.)


100% Money Back Guarantee*

For one
For two

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Specialised plans just for you

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