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Born To Move

Right from concept of 10,000 steps/day, to why sitting kills. From the effect of human movement on brain and immunity, to the ill-effects of captivity in Orcas. From science of Mechanotransduction to the concept of Hormesis; “Born to Move” will give you everything you need to learn about human movement and how to move-more.

Transformation Nutrition Certification (TNC)

Right from concept of calories, to BMR; from energy balance to macro calculations; from flexible dieting to progress tracking; from hitting a plateau to body recomposition; from skinny fat to reverse dieting; “Transformation Nutrition Certification” will give you everything you need to learn about body transformation.

Protein Masterclass

Right from function & effect of proteins, the process of protein digestion & homeostasis, to multiple myths related to protein intake, and complete science about major protein sources like eggs, soy, chicken, red meat, fish & plant protein sources. Protein Masterclass will educate you on various myths and facts about Proteins.

Science Of Sleep

No other topic is more important, and more misunderstood, when it comes to health, than sleep. Science of Sleep (SOS) is the most extensive certification course on sleep, giving you in-depth information on various aspects of sleep.

Battling Rope Certification - BRC

BRC will give you in-depth information about the theory and practical aspects of using the powerful Battling Ropes on yourself & your clients and bring in amazing changes in the workout intensity and thus body composition.

CDACC – Coaches & Dietitians Advance Career Course

CDACC will give you an overview of all the career options available to you, and how you can open up multiple revenue streams to make it a financially stable and prospering career.

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