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Right from the amazing history of BFR training, science and evidence behind the use of BFR bands, how to practically use BFR bands, use of BFR bands in zero gravity of space research, to the use of BFR training in elderly, medical & injury rehab cases and athletes; this course covers it all… and much more


Why BFR Training?

The market is full of supplements, promising you the amazing pump, or an increased blood supply to the muscles. Fresh blood carries more oxygen and nutrients, which means better recovery. But what if someone tells you that, the opposite may be true, i.e. instead of increased blood flow, reduced blood flow to a muscle can have anabolic effect. That’s Blood Flow Restriction training for you.

The novelty of this training method compared to other principles known to date is that this is a short-duration, low-intensity training which results in an increase in strength and muscle hypertrophy.

The advantage of BFR training method in relation to other conventional methods is in terms of hypertrophy and muscle strength, which can be achieved more quickly using a low-intensity training method of 20%-50% 1RM. Because of which BFR training is being used extensively by athletes, elderly, medical & injury rehab cases, and the general population.

Key features

Get started with ease

All the course notes, along with the lecture videos, are available 24/7, on a click of a button, wherever you are in the world.

Improve BFR knowledge

“BFR Training Masterclass” is one of the most unique & concise courses, which will give you complete know how about BFR training, it’s associated facts, and myths.

Get access to notes

In BFR Training Masterclass, you will get, 66 pages of course notes, & 8 video lessons.

Get to know your Instructor

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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  1. Ajay

    Thankyou sir

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    Devendra Sagar (verified owner)

    Thank You So Much Akshay Sir

  3. Sibai Paul

    Akshay sir thanks for video

  4. Sibai Paul

    Akshay sir thanks 👍

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    Akash Yadav

    One of the best courses on blood flow restrition tranining that I have come across so far. The advice is practical. Would help anyone become a better trainer.

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    P harish kumar

    After completing this course, my experience has been incredibly fulfilling and transformative. I gained a comprehensive understanding of bfr training.

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    VAIBHAVI TAMBARE (verified owner)

    Amazing course, very easy to follow and Akshay’s voice is absolutely wonderful and soothing great resources, and I look forward to taking more courses that Akshay offers.

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    Sunil Kumar

    Nice Course

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    Yogesh Yadav (verified owner)

    Great course and really interesting and inspiring content and really useful resources.

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    Mukesh Suthar

    Loved the pace of the course, lots of resources available to use after which is very useful!

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    Bhaven Haria

    excellent course!

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    Kiran Regude (verified owner)

    Because I am enjoying the experience and information and look forward to the next modules and training. Thank you

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    Ammar Ali Khan (verified owner)

    Thank you for designing this course. It was a wonderful experience.

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    Bobby Chauhan

    It was easy to understand with the display of practical videos.

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    Apurva Bavishi

    Clear explanations and I like the way the course is broken down into sections to learn at my own pace.

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    priyanshu papreja (verified owner)

    Akshay Sir has created such a beautiful course with so many resources and knowledge. Everything was explained wonderfully in a soothing and practical way. Thank you for sharing!

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    Udit Gupta

    It was a very good experience. The practices shared were interesting and easy to follow the instructions. Thank you very much for designing this course

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    Nirupam Biswas (verified owner)

    Great Course

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    Rishabh Singh (verified owner)

    It was simple and clear to understand. It went to the point in a good way and it kept me emanated. I really liked how simple was to learn with this course!

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    Gurpreet Singh Sokhi (verified owner)

    Very helpful course

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    Vivek Pratap Singh

    Of all the courses I’ve taken over many platforms this has to be one of my favorites. Love the progression from basic concepts to more advance skills.

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    Ali Raj (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed learning BFR training from akshay. He explains everything in very simple language. I tried other instructor’s BFR courses before and I have found this comparatively far far better.

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    UMANG bhatia (verified owner)

    Sir Akshay is a great instructor. For someone with zero knowledge of BFR, this was arguably the best course to scale up to an advanced level. I highly recommend this course to everybody who wants to learn about BFR training.

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    Tanveer Ahmed (verified owner)

    Akshay Sir, You are a super hero.I really love and enjoyed this course a lot.It helped me a lot to clear my doubts and fears about BFR training.

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    Yatendra Choudhary

    I really enjoyed the course! Akshay is a great teacher.He is talking a bit slow, but I don’t mind that, i just put the videos on 1,25x speed and then it is totally normal.

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    Mohit Shakya

    Akshay Sir is really really good at his job. Loved the experience till the end!

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    Abhishek Parihar

    This course is excellent to build knowledge and gain experience in BFR Training.

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    Rajesh Pathare (verified owner)

    I appreciate the instructor to explain the concepts in such a detailed manner. You’ll get to know almost everything about Blood Flood Restriction Training. Amazing course at this little price.

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    Prateek Mishra (verified owner)

    Personally, I think Akshay Sir is a talented and a dedicated tutor. His lectures were comprehensive and have taught me literally to be a hero from zero.

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    Nilesh khedekar (verified owner)

    Akshay sir is knowledge book, BFR training knowledge no one teach in fitness industry,but akshay sir did in free,
    No one talk abt this , but akshay sir gave full knowledge.Thanks sir

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    Sanjib Deka (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable

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