Kunjal choudhary

During the whole journey i had not only enhanced my body but myself as well as my lifestyle. Inspite of me having certifications in personal training and sports nutrition.. i realised that there is always much more to learn…Akshay sir has given me the right path to move on and i am really thankful that i am under supervision of such knowledgeable coach who is not only certified but qualified as well to guide us all. I was able to pack on decent amount of muscle mass simultaneously while losing some fat percentage as well

Kamaldeep singh bhatia

 When I started my journey with genesis programme I was not in my best shape…was having more fat percentage…i am a big time food lover…I love to eat junk food..due to this I gained lots of fat and totally out of shape in lockdown…but I was a gym person and did good workout and also have good lifting strength…but after I started follow genesis…gradually I started more natural strength in lifting…I started doing 105kg squats 125kg deadlift  90-95kg bench…this combination of heavy lifting and proper diet..gives this much of results… lost 5 inches from the waist… as per me this is 50% of my transformation…better will come soon….thanks to akshay sir and team we r stupid for this much support

Aman rawal

Hello Sir,Thank you for all the workout schedules and a healthy and non fancy diet plan provided to me in genesis program.You always guided me as a Teacher and trained as a coach.I m blessed to have to you as my coach. In this program i have learned so many things your support team was in touch every time i need help they solved every single issue i had related to the diet and my workouts.I have gained a lot of strength and progress is going on to achieve more and more strength.

Sumedh vichare

A week after receiving my workout plan from Team Genesis, an indefinite lockdown was announced in Mumbai. I was quite disheartened from the realization that my workout program has been disrupted. I spoke to Mr. Rajat and I soon received a home workout plan from Akshay Sir. I was a bit skeptical about how effective it would be but I was reassured on call by Akshay Sir. The workouts were very challenging and demanding and I continued with them for the next 3 months. The workouts complemented with the right nutrition plan escalated my progress. I genuinely thought I would be put on a very rigorous diet plan but I was mostly asked to make some minute changes in terms of the proportion of my meals. I love how throughout the program, I was conditioned to focus more on how to change my eating habits rather than following one strict diet for some months and then eventually giving in to my cravings. I’ve found this nutrition plan to be so much more sustainable and practical and easier to adapt for the long run. I would like to thank Akshay Sir and Team Genesis for being so supportive throughout this journey. This has been an amazing learning experience.

Himadri Chakraborty

 I can’t explain how in depth the nutrition is in this program. I can enjoy my home made cultural foods. Life is not about chicken broccoli and rice anymore. Building strength was always my moto. Now i can lift more weights and my stamina has increased aswell. Loved the way Akshay sir guided me this whole time.

Tanima Mahadevan

I am in the last week of my program. As you know , this is the first time I ever joined gym or tried a program. My lifestyle, body , diet everything changed.And it’s not even like I restrict myself from eating anything.I am someone who ate like atleast 3-4 chocolates a day before I started the program. I don’t have that craving anymore. I guess in the last 3 months I might have had like two chocolates.My body had suddenly put on some tummy weight which looked ugly. I can’t believe how it has all changed. And not just my tummy . My body overall looks much much better.Thanks a ton for your guidance.

Flt. Lt. Sagar Alur

This almost seemed unreal and impossible a few months back. Always thought weight loss was about cardio and endless painful dieting.Never realized food is one of the  pleasures of life. But the only thing required is know what you eat and how much you eat. Right exercises tailor-made for the environment and surrounding you are in keeping in mind your limitations both physical and otherwise.  This is not a transformation programme. This is a life changing experience…All the best and thanks from the bottom of my heart to Team Genesis


Hi Sir,A big “Thank you to you .After joining and following your workout plan, I have wonderful changes in my health, as I was always in a constant pain in my arm n neck coz of spondylis(from past 6year) and low back pain coz of lumbar.(past 2years)I had tried so many medication honestly nothing worked other then your workout. Today I feel strength as well as energy in me. The amount of knowledge I have gained about fitness is just amazing , it makes me feel so confident in gym. I never knew anything about fitness before joining “Genesis” All that i did in gym was cardio or following some YouTube video .But now I’m so confident I know I’m working for which muscle the benefits of it. Once again “Thank you “


Hello sir, this is the result of my 3 to 4 years of Athletics training . All natural. With 68kg of weight, i am able to do Clean upto 100kg as a 400m Athlete. Thanks to you sir for making me understand the diet and strength training.

Pallavi mangat

Hello sir, I have been following u since an year… And before following u I was really a stupid as I was following so many so called fitness channels and following their diet patterns I got results also but those were just temporary only… Sometimes I had to starve myself and sometimes I really didn’t liked to eat such dietsU have provided authentic knowledge always in ur channel due to which I’m eating sustainable diet, my results were slow but I really enjoyed my fitness journey without torturing my body