Tanima Mahadevan

I am in the last week of my program. As you know , this is the first time I ever joined gym or tried a program. My lifestyle, body , diet everything changed.And it’s not even like I restrict myself from eating anything.I am someone who ate like atleast 3-4 chocolates a day before I started the program. I don’t have that craving anymore. I guess in the last 3 months I might have had like two chocolates.My body had suddenly put on some tummy weight which looked ugly. I can’t believe how it has all changed. And not just my tummy . My body overall looks much much better.Thanks a ton for your guidance.

Flt. Lt. Sagar Alur

This almost seemed unreal and impossible a few months back. Always thought weight loss was about cardio and endless painful dieting.Never realized food is one of the  pleasures of life. But the only thing required is know what you eat and how much you eat. Right exercises tailor-made for the environment and surrounding you are in keeping in mind your limitations both physical and otherwise.  This is not a transformation programme. This is a life changing experience…All the best and thanks from the bottom of my heart to Team Genesis


Hi Sir,A big “Thank you to you .After joining and following your workout plan, I have wonderful changes in my health, as I was always in a constant pain in my arm n neck coz of spondylis(from past 6year) and low back pain coz of lumbar.(past 2years)I had tried so many medication honestly nothing worked other then your workout. Today I feel strength as well as energy in me. The amount of knowledge I have gained about fitness is just amazing , it makes me feel so confident in gym. I never knew anything about fitness before joining “Genesis” All that i did in gym was cardio or following some YouTube video .But now I’m so confident I know I’m working for which muscle the benefits of it. Once again “Thank you “


Hello sir, this is the result of my 3 to 4 years of Athletics training . All natural. With 68kg of weight, i am able to do Clean upto 100kg as a 400m Athlete. Thanks to you sir for making me understand the diet and strength training.

Pallavi mangat

Hello sir, I have been following u since an year… And before following u I was really a stupid as I was following so many so called fitness channels and following their diet patterns I got results also but those were just temporary only… Sometimes I had to starve myself and sometimes I really didn’t liked to eat such dietsU have provided authentic knowledge always in ur channel due to which I’m eating sustainable diet, my results were slow but I really enjoyed my fitness journey without torturing my body

Jagannath Mallick

Sir at first thank you for showing me right path for fitness…..in this 2 month i gain a lot of strength.The stress i had, also been decreased a lot, The process of not measuring the food and maintain a healthy diet works amazing for me. i always got tired of measuring the food then eat, it took a lot time of mine, but now i am enjoying my home food while progressing in my life as well……very happy with Genesis programDesperately looking for my future progressions

Akar Keshav Bharadwaj

Over the last 3 months I pushed my body to limit it hadn’t seen since a very long time. I had forgotten what it actually felt like to be “fit”… but thanks to Akshay Sir and team Genesis the whole process became very simple. No fancy diets, No false promises. The program is customised for you according to your taste and preferences.I am very happy with the results and wouldn’t change anything I did over the past few months. There are only better results to come.


Hey allI joined Genesis around 2.5 months back. Being a banker, my job is 100% sitting job and as I’m staying away from home, i usually ate junk food whenever I felt hungry.During the lockdown in 2020, I thought of to start workout and diet but I ended up getting very minor results. I had a myth that green tea will remove the fat so I started drinking that about 4 cups daily . This is stupid that I come to know after joining we r stupid. Then in January 2021 my brother and I joined Genesis program. Because of covid 19 Gyms were closed so I asked sir for Home workout and he gave me workout schedule that can be easily done with Just 2 dumbbells. Although m not that much fit even after 3 months thats because of my workload in JFM but yeah I’m getting visible results with alot of cheating and skipped workouts. I will suggest Genesis as they don’t give any fix diet or fancy diet and they do help in every single problem of yours. Before joining this program drinking protein was like impossible for me but they suggests best products that you can have without any problem. Akshay sir also gave me consulting sessions whenever I needed and that’s the best part.Now from April 1, surely I will be strictly following Akshay sir.Will be back with more muscles and lesser fat.

Rahul Sammi

Genisis program join krne se pehle mujhe kuch khas knowledge nhi thi bas YouTube par bodybuilders trainers or guruji ki video dekh dekh kr tarah tarah ke suppliments par paisa kharach krta tha iss umeed m ki yehh lene se meri body ban jayegi but wohh results nhi mill pa rahe they yaa to mai fat gain kr leta ya bilkul sukh jata but muscle gain nhi ho raha and guys ek din boom i saw akshay chopra sir on YouTube and maine soch liya ek baar online coaching lekar bhi dekh lu starting mein aap ek dam kisi par trust nhi kr sakte but thire thire trust bhi bna knowledge bhi hui or results bhi dikhne lage wohh bhi natural guys or kya chahiye thanks to Akshay Chopra sir

Madhav Sharma

I wanted to share my success ,following the Genesis program created by India’s Finest fitness trainers and Authors Akshay sir. I suffered from various issues with my body including multiple injuries ,gynocomestia, hormonal imbalances and sleep disturbances and being overweight.This program not only helped me to loose weight which was earlier 96 kgs before starting the program and now I am 86 kgs after 3 months but also helped me with all the other issues too. And most importantly it was done using the most minimilstic and realistic approaches and not following any fancy,fad diet and workouts. I am very happy with my results and this program not only transforms your body but your lifestyle, which no other plans do. This all was possible with constant support of akshay sir and I want to thank Team We R Stupid for creating such an amazing program.And looking forward for next 3 to 4 months to transform my body to achieve my goal.