Gagandeep Bhatia

journey meri wdia c starting ch lga difficult houga goal achive karna kyu k me pehla v try kar chukya c mera goal c single digit % body fat ch le k ona without using any steroid jo sir ne informtion provide ki and jo guide kiya it was outstanding meri life da sab to bda goal achive karne wich sir tada boht bda haath hai and my suportive family and frnds to help and motivate me to achice my goal and online training is vry helpful for me because i m not beleve ni drugs / steroid and adopt only my spirt and patience fr my goals In future if i have any further goal related to my fitness or my physcaly body i choose only u for to achivg my goals thanks to my botom of my heart thanks once again akshay sir thanks a lot

Shanthi shetty

So here goes my story…I have always been an overweight kid. However, things started getting worse during my engineering studies and later on night shifts, which is ongoing even now. I desperately started going to aerobics class in order to lose weight and would just survive on just one cup of juice and in the evening would eat bhelPuri thinking its healthy. Due to excessive cardio from aerobics and poor eating habits, I started looking older as I started to lose muscle. Later on I started working out in a gym, again my nutrition was not on point. After a few years, I came across on an online diet platform and got under 4 mentors. However, these mentors would never be available for any queries or clarifications and would just leave me in a lurch. I would measure each gram and looking at this my parents would get mad at me. Also, I would get so anxious to go socialize thinking I would not be able to maintain my diet. And boom, I discovered Akshay Chopra, I got to know so many things from him. Sir is always available to clear my doubts and educate me. I eat sensibly now. No cravings for junk. Akshay sir’s workouts are challenging. I gained amazing strength (chest press: 5 to 40kg, squats: 40 to 80kg, over 2 inches of far loss). I’m happy to have been knowing him now. I got over the obsession of getting under a mentor or personal trainer. He also took me off from many wasteful supplements. Thank you so much sir for giving this lifetime opportunity for learning.

Kunal Jha

I have been training for 3 months with the guidance of akshay sir.I loved the fact that air doesnt only trains you or guides you He also tells you how ancient times was way better as there were no fancy things to eat or show He thinks about the persons taste and gives them the diet which they will enjoy as i did Me being dedicated loved these 3 months I thank akshay sir for the help as it will help me for many years

Jaideep singh chouhan

I’ve been working with Akshay Sir for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I enjoyed the workout routine a lot as it was completely new style that I’ve never worked on before. In the first week I got injured on my right-hand wrist and lost motivation, I thought I couldn’t lift heavy so I may not able to increase my muscle mass this time but gradually with his proper guidance and amazing program with light-medium weights and proper techniques I could achieve my goal and in the last couple of weeks, I started lifting heavy weights too. I am not just transforming my body with the help of Akshay Sir’s e-books I am also trying to transform my knowledge simultaneously. Thank you so much Akshay Sir and his Team Genesis.

Sameer ranalkar

I enrolled in Genesis program in August 2020. I am 6 feet 2 inch tall person, without much muscle definition and my goal was to gain muscles, remove the belly fat and also posture correction to extend, which was there due to lack of muscles.Enrollment in Genesis was like a next level all together. Before genesis, I was doing regular exercises for around 8 months. However, I was not seeing much improvement, since my basics of exercise and nutrition were not clear.To summarise my Genesis program – I improved my physical activities a lot, ate homemade food all days, had only 2 supplements, no fancy brown bread, brocolli, Greek Yogurt. Hence, my parents were also supportive and indeed happy to have me following clean diet. After 3 months, I understand that when Akshay sir talks about considering individual’s cultural tastes, he really means it. After around 15 weeks, I can see lot of muscle gain. I feel better when I wear the same cloths in which I used to feel skinny, earlier. Also, there are improvements in my posture.I learnt lots of new workouts from Akshay sir, which were indeed effective.I would like to thank Akshay sir and his team (Rajat sir, Urmila mam) for helping me in this journey. Their support is Amazing. No matter what query you have, they are always keen to help you. One of the best all in one fitness programs ever

Kamal Rajak

Being an athlete it’s all about what you need specific in your training and nutrition. It’s all about understanding your own body and working on it. This was the understanding of Akshay sir and the way he helped me not in only in changing my shape by also my life style. It’s all about endurance, speed and strength. Got this without any supplements and CrossFit training. It’s not about getting abs, it’s all about getting strong. Long way to go with you sir. It’s just a beginning. Deepest Gratitude for your efforts

Gurdeep singh sodhi

Hello Sir,It has been a great journey so far to be taught & explained through extensive explanation videos & wonderful researches which are both scientific & very logical. I learned how to eat like a normal person & achieve the desired physique which many others made it show the toughest path to the goal. The Genesis Program is undoubtedly the best program to enroll in & where you get to explore yourself.I would probably say that WE ARE STUPID & are lucky to have Akshay Sir for the help he is doing to all of us. God bless to the team.

Sunil Pal

Hi sir,Sir me Ahmedabad Gujarat se hu.or Meri age 33 year he…last 4 year SE regular Workout Kar RHA hu …….bahit mehnat ki but Jo chahia wo result nahi mil paa the the ek heathy physic k Lia .or me honestly bol rha hu thak k me steroids ki taraf Jane ka soch hi Lia tha …..yha Tak Budget bhi bna Lia tha ….but fir aapka channel Mila insta PE follow kia ek ek video dekhe regular base PE …..sab kuch chod k health food or hard work pe follow kiya ..and finally meri ek achhi progress hui he ….inshort me khud SE Satisfied hu ……thanks sir muhe bachane k Lia .love you…….

Harsh Sharma

Science and all is cool but the best thing about Genesis is it’s practicality and how organised and planned it is. I really enjoyed the experience especially with the exercises selected for me. This planned approach helped me not only get back my muscles but hit my PR. The team was helpful in every manner especially helping me with my exercise forms. I did gain fat during the process but the amount of strength I gained is truly what I love this program for. I still have 5 weeks left and am looking forward to it. Akshay sir not relying solely on scientific research but years of experience of training was what was truly impressive. This is a very strong program and I am looking forward to take exercise selections from Akshay sir suiting my goals for a long time to come. Another point I would highlight is the beauty and emphasis on our local cuisine. I truly believed and understood how beautiful our Indian cuisine is but the stupid trainers out there had made it such a taboo which really frustrated me. Chicken broccoli for bodybuilding like that makes no sense to me. The respect and emphasis Akshay sir had on Indian diet was truly impressive and I salute him for this. The stupid dieticians approach to nutrition was simply disrespectful to me being an Indian because of the way it demeaned my eating patterns. The best workout from an experienced athlete himself. Highly recommended program for everyone.