Akshay Chopra sir is the best fitness expert I have ever seen. He has written many books and ebooks on various topics and I have read many of them which provides us the unbiased truth on that topic. His YouTube channel “We R Stupid” is one of the best channels with complete research based information which clears our myths regarding nutrition, exercise, lifestyle etc. He also guided me when I asked him about taking fitness as my career, and gave me the right path about what courses I can do. I am a member of his gym Body Mechanics and I have seen a lot of people coming to him daily with their doubts. I want to say that, do follow him, learn from him and you will see a big change in your lifestyle.

Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma

Akshay Chopra ko mil kar aur unhe jaan kar ye kehna to banta hai ki, “Ji raha hai ik naye andaaz mein tu, Zindagi jeene ka johar tujh mein hai”. Humare desh ka ek jaanbaaz sipahi jisne vayu sena mein rehkar udaan bharte hue kai baar aasman ko chhua, aur aaj ek naye andaaz me author ke roop mein, fitness chief ke roop mein, aur apne YouTube channel We R Stupid mein sehat se related zabardast authentic informations ke zariye, success ke aasmaan ko chhoo rahe hain. Body Mechanics ke founder Akshay Chopra, jinke naam Akshay ka arth hai, “vo jiska naash nah o sake”, apne naam ko sakaar karte hue safalta ke nai udaane bhar rahe hain. Unse milna ek khoobsurat anubhav ki tarah hai. Sehat aur lifestyle se jude har sawaal ka agar koi haunsle se jawaab de sakta hai to wo hai Akshay Chopra.

Seema Verma

Seema VermaVeteran RJ, AIR FM GOLD

I know Akshay Sir for many years. I started my fitness regime under his supervision in 2012. He has been a great inspiration for me. He guided me to lose over 25kgs, which is a great confidence booster for me. I am glad to have a mentor like him. Thank you for your extended support.

Prateeksha Bagri

Prateeksha Bagri

Akshay Chopra is what I would describe as the perfect teacher. A good teacher is intelligent, empathetic, knowledgeable, leads by example, can break down complex problems and present them in a simplistic way and they are great listeners. He fulfils all these requirements and then some more. Every time I feel lazy or demotivated, I check out what he is doing in life, just because he is always out there trying to inform, teach, learn, and grow with the intensity that is unmatched by anyone else I know.

Aditya Gautam

Aditya Gautamauthor - Pornistan

I not only lost weight but also increased my stamina manifolds. This changed my life forever. All because of Akshay Chopra sir.

Rajesh Budhiraja

Rajesh Budhiraja

This transformation from fit to fat could have never been possible without the provocation of Akshay sir. I am highly thankful to you for all the guidance sir, you are a true inspiration and your optimism has led to this. Your constant support, workout patterns and eating schedules made this happen. You are a master of fitness and I feel blessed to be guided by you.

Arushi Bhatnagar

Arushi Bhatnagar

With all my gratitude, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reach a goal which I’ve been trying to achieve since long. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, skills and talent. Your motivation and guidance helped me in becoming better. You’re truly an inspiration and a role model for me sir.

Mr. Gurvinder Singh

Mr. Gurvinder Singh

Mr Akshay Chopra is truly an epitome of knowledge about fitness and nutrition in the nation. Unlike a lot of former athletes, when you talk to him, you can get the assurance that what he’s telling you is in your best interests and not just a generalized piece of advice. Thus one can trust him blindly when it comes to recovering from an injury or training for a super important event or just getting mentally and emotionally strong. I’m so glad that our country has an asset like him, who by means of his fitness chain (Body Mechanics), his YouTube channel and website (We R Stupid) and numerous fitness and lifestyle books, is so dedicated to guide the youth and adults of the nation towards a healthier lifestyle. Keep up the great work Akshay Sir.


KainaatBasketball Player - USA

My appreciation for Akshay Chopra comes from hour and hour of one on one training with him. I speak only of my direct experience with him and its benefits to me. He has changed my physical health and taught me how to achieve your dreams. Akshay has put together the leadership, team, equipment, commitment and knowledge that makes him and his program for me the best.

Arun Bansal

Arun Bansal

The content Akshay Sir presents is completely authentic, well-researched and backed by solid scientific data. It can be applied to the entire population, specially so called “Fitness freaks”. Akshay sir is an inspiration for doing such an extensive work in the field of fitness which is already full of wrong and misleading info. Hats off to him.

Dr. Ayush M. Makkar, M.D.

Dr. Ayush M. Makkar, M.D.

I have known Akshay since 2014, when I joined Body Mechanics, a gym chain owned by him. He is a rare combination of fitness, strength, speed, accuracy and has an eye for research, which has enabled him to produce a high volume of work (books, YouTube channel, blogs etc.) while maintaining high standards of quality. He is an organizational whiz who can work on multi-layered tasks and projects concurrently. He has had a successful stint as an Air Force Pilot and is now taking charge of many challenging roles. I wish him all the best

Mrs. Madhu

Mrs. MadhuAssociate Professor, - Dept. of History, Miranda House, University of Delhi

If there’s one man who is out there with a massive arsenal of ‘real fitness’ knowledge, it’s Akshay Chopra. In an industry, driven mostly by idiotic gurus and zealots, he draws a fine line between what is real and what’s absolute waste of time. His stuff is backed by research, proven by science and the way he puts it into application makes him a great spearhead that our industry requires.

Shantanu Prasher

Shantanu PrasherHealth Editor, MensXP

I have been working with Akshay Sir for almost two years, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. Akshay sir is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals I have set for myself. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session. Akshay sir is very personable and a well-rounded person and coach. He has helped me tone and strengthen my body so I will be able to compete to the best of my ability in cricket. Akshay sir has helped me achieve the goal that I had set for myself and which would help me in my game. Definitely he is the best coach I have ever come across. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the training he has provided me.

Karan Sharma

Karan SharmaRanji Trophy Cricketer

With excellent knowledge about bodybuilding and all aspects of fitness, be it supplementation, workout, diet and nutrition, Akshay is definitely the Wikipedia. A respected guy with diligence and grace, his oratory skills are much praiseworthy. His efforts towards spreading the right knowledge about various aspects of fitness and busting the myths are surely going to help the industry in a long time. I would also like to put in my appreciation for his painstaking efforts towards making the professional competing a fair and respected sport. Otherwise an unorganized sector, which was causing more harm than good to professional athletes and people who are keen to enter the industry. A mentor, torchbearer of his mettle is a gift to the industry. I’m really privileged to know him and to read his work.

Jinnie Gogia Chugh

Jinnie Gogia ChughCommonwealth Powerlifting Gold Medallist - Editor, Fitness Guru magazine

I made a decision of being under the guidance of Akshay Chopra Sir as a coach and as a mentor and it made a huge impact on my life. The best part of him is the love for the sport and the practical as well as the scientific knowledge he holds. I personally have a firm belief n faith of whatever he speaks through his videos and social media handles because they are to the point and straight forward… NO BS. PERIOD. He has been an athlete himself in the past which makes him special as he knows what his students or athletes go through.

Kevin James

Kevin JamesIBFF World Cup Physique silver medallist

Having trained and played football in a lot of countries abroad, I’ve rarely come across people having a mentality as strong as Mr. Akshay Chopra. He is one of the most experienced persons I’ve ever trained under. His expertise in the field of health and fitness and the passion he has for it is second to a very few. He’s a person who can motivate you even in the most difficult of situations.

Sandy Jalali

Sandy JalaliInternational Footballer

Akshay sir is terrific… He has an extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition with a great sense of commitment towards the clients. He’s the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any fitness expert should be measured. I am forever thankful to him for his guidance and specially for encouraging me to take up weight training

Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet KaurCA & Long Distance Runner

Akshay Sir has been a beacon in my fitness journey from Day 1. He is full of logic and sciences the shit out of everything. It is safe to say that he is a myth busting machine when it comes to everything fitness. Can’t thank him enough for the constant motivation and guidance.

Nidhi Khanna

Nidhi Khanna

Akshay Chopra is a big name in the fitness industry. Whatever is his area of study, it is backed by confirmed research. He believes in true science. I am so glad to be in personal touch with him and to have an opportunity to learn from him. Thank you so much for everything.

Harshal Patil

Harshal PatilState Physique Championship, Gold Medallist

The man of his words, having a full proof logic behind everything he says, Akshay sir has been one of the best fitness guidances possible to me. I exactly remember the first time I met him, he actually changed my entire concept about gymming and fitness just by his words and the conviction with which he explains. He has been the real transforming force to make me realize the importance of combination of both strength and functional training. Implementing the old school fitness tactics in this modern era is what makes him stand out of the crowd. His desire to learn and share his knowledge with others is truly commendable. I am obliged to have met a person like Akshay sir… Both as a fitness coach and otherwise.

Aishna Jain

Aishna Jain

Akshay Chopra, who is also like my brother, believes in giving excellent and genuine knowledge to all the young and aspiring bodybuilders. Do follow his channel We R Stupid on YouTube, if you really want to learn about fitness, nutrition and supplementation. Follow him, contact him, attend his talks and seminars. He will give you deep insight about a lot of new aspects of the fitness industry, on what is right and what is wrong. So, please do follow him

Prithvi Mavi

Prithvi MaviWorld Champion - Men’s Physique

We R Stupid website of Akshay Chopra sir is a real eye opener for all the fitness enthusiasts like us. It busts so many age old myths which we have been blindly following from many years. Kudos to Akshay sir for an in depth research work and deep analytical study of various aspects of weight loss n bodybuilding. I think he has made a pioneering effort in this field. He is very logical, straight n honest in his research and analysis. Will keep looking forward to his more such works

Mrs. Geeta Kampani

Mrs. Geeta Kampaniworking mother

“I met Akshay Chopra, when he was trying to establish himself as a world class bodybuilder. Crazy as anything about the sport. Wherever he used to travel, his luggage used to be full of books and bodybuilding stuff. He was ready to help anyone and had zero ego. That was when I started following him. From being the most qualified person in the industry to becoming the owner of gyms, he is trying to revolutionize the fitness industry in India. A writer of so many books and ebooks on so many neglected yet important topics, his aim to open the gyms was to help those sportsmen, who were not getting the help from anyone else. You have done a great job till now. Please continue doing the same. Cheers Sir Akshay Chopra.”


GhoshIndian Air Force Bodybuilder

Akshay Chopra has a lot of integrity. He has always encouraged me. He was the only one who helped me in gaining the confidence to walk into any fitness centre and lift weights. His professionalism, extreme knowledge and commitment to his work make him different from others. He is the best.

Rasleen Kaur

Rasleen Kaur

Body Mechanics is definitely not the best place to get fitter, thinner and leaner, if not for Chopra sir. The deep insight and knowledge, coupled with world class infrastructure, truly stands apart.

Puja Yadav

Puja Yadav Sqn Ldr. - Indian Air Force

When I first stepped into Body Mechanics, I had no knowledge about strength training. Akshay sir introduced me to this world of iron and the game entirely changed since then. It’s only after starting weight training that I got to know what it means to be strong. I learned that strength isn’t only measured by the poundage we lift, but is more of a mental aspect – it takes a lot of determination, courage, fearlessness, coupled with passion and enthusiasm! Now, my main focus of training isn’t to lose fat or gain muscle mass. I train to become stronger and move out of the shell that I have created for myself! All this wouldn’t have been possible without Akshay sir’s relentless support, guidance and advice. We need more people like Akshay sir, who, contrary to our society, believe in empowering women and push them to become stronger.

Ayushi Jain

Ayushi JainPowerlifter

I feel lucky to have such learned man Mr. Akshay Chopra around us who always motivate and guide us in various ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I always look forward to his posts on YouTube

Madhvi Pawar (IIMA, alumni)

Madhvi Pawar (IIMA, alumni)

Akshay Chopra the name synonym to me as a leader and role model. I remember my first meeting with him… “hi you are wearing the wrong shoes” and it broke the ice between a dishevelled pupil and the Guru… Seeing him first thing in the morning is the highlight of my day… His breadth of knowledge is very impressive and his cracker sense of humour which made me relate to him more. It is so amazing to see that notwithstanding his extensive schedule, he sits down very patient, calm and is all ears to your issues, be it personal or health related. His ‘You Can Do It” attitude makes you strive for more. His creativity n management shows a great deal in the diverse workout plans offers to us in the gym. His willingness to share his experience and knowledge is so impressive and his tips on health and nutrition are unmatched. Akshay can give ‘self-belief’ to anyone. He is pure encouragement. It is so unusual for someone so young to be picked to lead and mentor other people. ‘Beyond the call of duty’ is definitely a phrase suited for Akshay Chopra.

Anshu Singh

Anshu Singh