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Right from function & effect of proteins, the process of protein digestion & homeostasis, to multiple myths related to protein intake, and complete science about major protein sources like eggs, soy, chicken, red meat, fish & plant protein sources. Protein Masterclass will educate you on various myths and facts about Proteins.

What you will get in Protein Masterclass

Course Notes

With almost 475 pages of course notes (English & Hindi), & 65 video lessons, this course will cover virtually every topic in relation to Proteins.

Complete knowledge about Proteins

Right from function & effect of proteins, the process of protein digestion & homeostasis, to multiple myths related to protein intake, and complete science about major protein sources like eggs, soy, chicken, red meat, fish & plant protein source. Protein Masterclass will educate you on various myths and facts about Proteins.

Most Exclusive Certification Course

“Protein Masterclass”, is the one of the most unique & extensive certification courses on the subject of proteins.

Why are Proteins so Important?

Every part of the body, for its formation needs proteins and amino acids. Formation of bones, teeth, muscles, nails, hair etc., and the most basic functions like respiration, muscle contraction etc. cannot be carried out without proteins Proteins perform many regulatory, structural, and protective functions in the body, and the body needs protein to function normally and without proteins, the most basic functions of life such as respiration and muscle contraction could not be carried out.

Why ‘Protein Masterclass’?

Proteins are the major structural components of human and animal tissues, and are one of the three macronutrients needed by the human body, namely carbohydrate, proteins and fats Protein is the most discussed macronutrient, when it comes to fitness, sports, and general health. Diets high in protein, in particular, have benefits with regard to energy metabolism, appetite, overall caloric intake, and muscle retention. But, there have been way too many myths & wrong notions associated with proteins. Protein Masterclass, is the single most comprehensive source which will give you all the information on the subject of proteins, and help you bust the associated myths.

Key features

Get started with ease

Protein Masterclass will clarify all your doubts related to Protein.

Improve protein knowledge

Protein Masterclass, is the single most comprehensive source which will give you all the information on the subject of proteins, and help you bust the associated myths.

Get access to notes

In Protein Masterclass, you will get 10 Modules, with over 65 Videos and 475 pages of course notes (both in English & Hindi).

What you will learn from this course

Get to know your Instructor

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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62 reviews for Protein Masterclass

  1. User Avatar

    krishna kamble

    Great course

  2. User Avatar

    MADHU H Y (verified owner)

    I’m a professional personal trainer and I joined this course to upgrade my knowledge in protein. It has really helped me and I’ll recommend it . Thank You Akshay Sir.

  3. User Avatar

    RATISH RASGOTRA (verified owner)

    The course was easy to understand and highly educational. It aided me in clarifying certain misconceptions I had regarding protein.

  4. User Avatar

    ushma M Marebal (verified owner)

    Thank you for sharing this excellent course. I learned so many myths and facts about Proteins.

  5. User Avatar

    JIGAR MAHESHWARI (verified owner)

    It was a good match for me and so much knowledge and informations to learn.

  6. User Avatar

    Dr Abhishek Ruhela (verified owner)

    The course combines the topics of protein,myths related to protein intake and many more.Lots of theory, supported with practical examples, and all the added resources make it the source of knowledge and skills which will be definitely revisited many times by the participants of the course.

  7. User Avatar

    Jaideep Singh Chouhan

    This is an awesome step-by-step process, incorporating practical approaches and strategies. Now, I am thoroughly clear about my doubts. Thank you so much; I am truly grateful to you.

  8. User Avatar (verified owner)

    This course is so full of great information and is complete in its content!

  9. User Avatar

    Arijit Chakraborty (verified owner)

    Easy to follow at my own pace and covers everything

  10. User Avatar

    Shivjit hivraj Katre (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this course and definitely learned a lot. Thank you!

  11. User Avatar


    The protein digestion part of the course was the most valuable for me as I already have the knowledge and experience as a fitness and nutrition coach. Not only does this course give me the insight and tools to help my coaching clients reach their goals and push through setbacks and barriers, but it also helped me to see what has held me back and is holding me back in my own life from reaching my goals. I have gotten a lot out of this course.

  12. User Avatar

    Rohaan Sahu (verified owner)

    This is a 7Star course, very informative, complete, and straightforward. I am excited to learn more courses from Kschool. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing course.

  13. User Avatar

    kondaveeti mohan sai (verified owner)

    I like this course, because i learnt a lot of new information about protein supplements. Everything was clear and structured. Thanks to this course, I changed my life.

  14. User Avatar

    Lalit Singh Rajpoot (verified owner)

    The video is concise and presents the information in an easy to digest manner.

  15. User Avatar

    Akshay Karbat (verified owner)

    Detailed, precised and 100% useful

  16. User Avatar

    BhaNgRe Da GoLLa (verified owner)

    It was more than I expected. Appreciate all the resources with each lesson.

  17. User Avatar

    Parag Gattani (verified owner)

    Very informative, a lot of information shrunk and straight to the point. Not difficult to understand. The ability to play lectures at higher speeds makes learning even more efficient.

  18. User Avatar

    Akash (verified owner)

    It was very interesting and knowledgeable certification and thanks to Akshay Sir there for sharing his knowledge with us and a big thanks to the team for giving out such courses highly recommended.

  19. User Avatar

    Hardip Gohil (verified owner)

    Very well described information on what to expect and learn from this course.

  20. User Avatar

    Prashant Rautela (verified owner)

    I really appreciate how thorough this course is. I highly recommend it!!

  21. User Avatar

    SURAJ KUMAR SHARMA (verified owner)

    Yes, I am a Pilates Teacher and also doing slimming programs and this course will enhance my career.Glad I have started this course, as I do not have time for long courses , every day is very busy with all my classes etc. Only have an hour per day for extra learning.

  22. User Avatar

    Harshita Jangra (verified owner)

    The course is wonderful but the only thing that it is missing, is an exam at the end!

  23. User Avatar

    manisha detha (verified owner)

    It is definitely a good match for me. I am a qualified nurse and am passionate about helping people achieve their health and lifestyle goals.

  24. User Avatar

    sonu (verified owner)

    Just started so… fingers crossed the course continues as good as it has started

  25. User Avatar

    Kartik Ghanwat

    One of the best faculty Akshay . Makes things very easy to understand . And the course is so much in depth . Covering almost all the concepts . Must go for it .

  26. User Avatar

    Pradhyumn Bansal

    This was exactly the course that i needed. Short, Informative and to the point.100% recommended.

  27. User Avatar

    Husain Dungerwala

    Very in-depth and helped my gain a better understanding of all the topics covered. Grateful for this course!

  28. User Avatar

    Mithun Pawar

    The way for explanation is simple with science, experience, and evidence-based.

  29. User Avatar

    Pradhyumn Bansal

    Rich with high-quality information and well put together!

  30. User Avatar

    Sriram Madhavan

    Loving the science behind all of this so far. Learning so much, thank you!

  31. User Avatar

    Harliv Singh

    Really informative and engaging.

  32. User Avatar

    Ajeet Kour

    Love this course! Have learnt so much and have refined my knowledge going through it! 10/10 highly recommend

  33. User Avatar

    Giriraj Purohit

    I have learnt so much and will most definitely use it to empower n make changes to many people U have given me so much of knowledge in this course. Thank U.

  34. User Avatar

    Chant Gulia

    Great Coach explains everything so simply.

  35. User Avatar

    swarnjeet singh sran

    Covers pretty much everything. Clear explanation and is easy to listen to. Recommend

  36. User Avatar


    Instructor explain a very complex subject in a simple distilled manner and also the videos shows that there are lot of research done on protein.

  37. User Avatar

    Satyendra Verma

    Everything was explained simply and clearly. I love all the practical examples and all the data backing up his claims. Great course!

  38. User Avatar

    Nikhil Singh

    Great course.!!!

  39. User Avatar

    Pateliya Meet

    I am in love with this course. I finally found something that I have true interest in and Akshay is a phenomenal instructor. I feel like he explains the material in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

  40. User Avatar

    Krunal nandwana

    loved it! super easy to understand as a beginner

  41. User Avatar

    Mohammad Rashid

    So far it is ok…he seems legit and wants to help people. I’m being asked what I think of the course when it has only set the ground on what it is about…and seeing the upcoming lessons, it looks well covered.

  42. User Avatar

    Shreejit Mishra

    I personaly liked the way this course is desingned.

  43. User Avatar

    Shivam Baliyan

    Excellent experience..will try with myself first then with my clients as personal experience is always good for everyone.

  44. User Avatar


    Gets me to think more about food I consume.

  45. User Avatar

    Kuber Sherekar

    Great course , learning a lot!

  46. User Avatar

    Mohan sai Kondaveeti (verified owner)

    Helpful! I like how it is structured so that I can do it on my own time and in my own timing, so helpful

  47. User Avatar


    Nice Course

  48. User Avatar

    Mitu Das

    He explains very well giving the essential information.

  49. User Avatar

    santosh gawai

    Thank you Akshay Sir for providing this course.

  50. User Avatar

    Dinesh Gunjal

    I love the way the instructor goes about the course. So easy to follow, even though a little bit challenging as expected. All the same, no regrets so far.

  51. User Avatar

    Tanay Gurjar

    Akshay Sir has immense knowledge of the subject. I came across so many new concepts and came to know so much more about the food I eat.

  52. User Avatar

    Sarveaham Yemul

    I enjoyed this course more that I envisioned when I purchased it! The information is clearly explained, the material is comprehensive and easy to digest

  53. User Avatar

    Anurag Reddy Aruva

    Excellent explanation

  54. User Avatar

    Ravi Kumar

    Good Course

  55. User Avatar

    Gangadhar Sanniboyina

    I’m learning about the importance of protein and and a balanced meal. Some things I took them for granted.

  56. Rajat

    This course was very informative.

  57. User Avatar


    I edited my first picture and was blown away! Super excited to put this new knowledge into taking better photos.

  58. heemani

    A fantastic course.

  59. User Avatar

    Ramesh Saini

    Easy to understand and follow, practical tips, objective content

  60. User Avatar

    Viraaj Chaudhary

    This is one of the best courses to understand the fundamentals of protien and means planning.

  61. User Avatar

    Shiven Singh (verified owner)

    It’s amazing and really helpful to start my fitness journey.

  62. User Avatar

    Mahesh Orang

    Good and clear information

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