CDACC Coaches & Dietitians Advance Career Course

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CDACC will give you an overview of all the career options available to you, and how you can open up multiple revenue streams to make it a financially stable and prospering career.


Want to make a Super Successful career in Fitness, Nutrition or Sports?

Or, feel stuck in a career with no Progression? Believe me, there is simply no clear direction or guidance on how to move up in this career & multiply your income. With over 2 decades of experience in the field of fitness, nutrition & sports, After training thousands of clients in over 40 countries & mentoring hundreds of fitness & nutrition professionals, and After launching multiple brands, authoring books, delivering talks around the country, and being a social media influencer, I realized that, you are not alone… Thousands of coaches have absolutely no idea about move up in their choice of career. But, Not any more.

Key features

Get started with ease

CDACC will clarify the process of becoming a true professional in your field of choice, and how to have a flourishing career.

Choose a career you like

CDACC will give you an overview of career options, & how you can open up multiple revenue streams to make it a financially stable & prospering career.

Get access to notes

In CDACC, you will get 7 Modules, with over 60 Videos and 270 pages of course notes (both in English & Hindi).

What you will learn from this course

Get to know your Instructor

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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As always, The course was amazingly delivered by Akshay Sir. I had a lot of take away points from the course. But just wanted to suggest that the course could be split into a beginner and a novice course so that the novice does not need to go through the points of beginner or vice versa. Thank yo
Sadiq Ameen
very useful course sir
Sayon Dey
मैंने बैचलर इन फिजिकल एजुकेशन और मास्टर इन फिजिकल की डिग्री कर रखी है पर मुझे कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा था की मुझे आगे क्या करना चाहिए कैसे मैं इस फील्ड में अपना करियर बना सकता हूं मैं दुविधा में था मुझे कोई गाइड करने वाला नहीं था क्यों कि मैं बहुत छोटे शहर से हूं परंतु इस कोर्स को करने के बाद मुझे बहुत स
Ravi Kant

49 reviews for CDACC Coaches & Dietitians Advance Career Course

  1. User Avatar

    Sagar (verified owner)

    This course was exactly what I needed to get my fitness business started. The instructor was very engaging and made her points clearly. It covered everything I needed to know.

  2. User Avatar

    prashant shirke (verified owner)

    This course is straight to the point NO BS. I have taken a lot of courses in the past and non compare to this one. Looking forward to implementing the stuff am learning here

  3. User Avatar

    Vijeth Rao (verified owner)

    This course is straight to the point NO BS. I have taken a lot of courses in the past and non compare to this one. Looking forward to implementing the stuff am learning here

  4. User Avatar

    pawan (verified owner)

    Very good starting point for go to market. A professional and experienced teacher to learn from.

  5. User Avatar

    Anandu Fitness (verified owner)

    So far so good, ready to dive deep into this and absorb all the info given.

  6. User Avatar

    Prashant Behara (verified owner)

    I found this to be an excellent overview of subject. Akshay Chopra clearly knows the topic well and has personal experience with it. His presentation was organized, clearly presented and concise.Akshay Chopra was very easy to understand, and easy to follow–so easy, in fact, that a student might consider increasing the speed of the video, shortening the time of the course, and not miss any of the content.

  7. User Avatar

    Suraj Sarje (verified owner)

    Just starting the course and it seems to be very educative.

  8. User Avatar

    Divyanshu verma (verified owner)

    Thank you, so valuable information dimistified

  9. User Avatar

    Agrata Srivastava (verified owner)

    Akshay Chopra has put together quite a valuable and helpful course.

  10. User Avatar

    Pranav Deshpande (verified owner)

    Thank you, so valuable information dimistified.

  11. User Avatar

    SIDDHARTHA TYAGI (verified owner)

    Akshay Chopra has put together quite a valuable and helpful course.

  12. User Avatar

    Aryan Verma (verified owner)

    Excellent value packed into a single course. Provides step-by-step information re: how to validate and set up a marketing funnel for your course idea. Just what I was looking for and then some. Keep up the great work, Akshay Sir:)

  13. User Avatar

    sweta yadav (verified owner)

    Great for people new to marketing though.

  14. User Avatar

    Venkata Vishwanath (verified owner)

    It was informative and insightful.

  15. User Avatar

    Black Box Fitness Studio (verified owner)

    Wonderful information and resources!

  16. User Avatar

    Ajay Shankar (verified owner)

    So far it has had a lot of great, helpful information.

  17. User Avatar

    abhay yadav

    Good content and presentation is simple and in orders.

  18. User Avatar

    Gourav Raj Tiwary

    Thanks to the lecturer. very nice explanations with sources. I strongly recommend this course if you want to start your fitness busienss.Thanks for the sources.

  19. User Avatar

    Parth Rathod bharatbhai

    I felt this course was immensely helpful giving me a comprehensive framework for knowing what aspects of my fitness business to focus on, how much of my focus I give to those aspects, and how to begin modeling the systems in my business and the process of optimizing them so that I can extract myself from the equation and focus only on doing work that I actually WANT to do instead of the work that I feel I HAVE to do.

  20. User Avatar

    Vibhuti pandey

    This is a concentrated and strong inspirational course, full of practical ideas which you can apply immediately in fitness business.

  21. User Avatar

    Rahul kumar gupta

    Akshay Sir acts as a coach who motivates you and delivers you right ingredients to position yourself properly to your fitness business, to have an overview of every aspect of your business and apply with efficiency the most important sales tactics and marketing strategies, in order to grow your fitness business to the next level.

  22. User Avatar

    Tanisha Jain

    powerful concise infomation put across amazing well.

  23. User Avatar


    This has already helped me loads and i’m well on my way thanks to this infomation on systematizing by business .

  24. User Avatar

    Nawaz Ashraf

    I can vibe the authenticity of his intension to provide a doable lesson and not just information. This way of teaching is what I really needed. Thank you Mr. Chopra

  25. User Avatar

    Siddharth Gupta

    Good course. Highly recommended for business owners and entrepreneurs.

  26. User Avatar

    Rupesh Kuinkel

    This is definitely a top notch course. I look forward to putting everything into affect.

  27. User Avatar

    Aman Mujawar

    Useful and clear information that anyone can reap the results if you follow and take ACTION!

  28. User Avatar

    Nagendra Pratap Singh

    The mantra to “Work on your business, not in it” is a great idea in principle. But how to do it?This course shows you clearly and in great detail how to design and manage your to suit your lifestyle goals.

  29. User Avatar

    md Robiul hossain tosar

    The Curriculum is very promising and very well structured. I strongly recommend that you invest your precious time to stop, look, and listen; the information is very powerful.

  30. User Avatar

    Suraj Vaishnav

    Finally I completed the course! Wow! This is the most powerful course I ever take on building a sustainable real business. This is really more then a course. I feel the power and the freedom that this course and the information gave me. I have a new understanding now on what a business really is and how to build a business that works hard for the owner. Thank you!

  31. User Avatar

    Kodipunjula Nithin

    This is an excellent course with a terrific instructor. I am half way through the course and I have learned a lot. I am very interested to see how I can put the information to use in creating a new online eCommerce store. if you’re interested in building a systematize business then this course might be for you.

  32. User Avatar

    Denish Rana

    Loving this course! Concise and easy to understand instructions and activities that will make a real difference in your business and your quality of life. Can’t wait to put what I have learned so far into ACTION.

  33. User Avatar

    Ankit Kushwah

    Very helpful. I am so thankful I discovered this program. The roi for this is without a doubt 1000%. Thank you!!!!!

  34. User Avatar

    Mohammed asrar Khan

    This is wonderful and a great start to moving from self employment to running a fitness business.

  35. User Avatar

    mayank dhiman

    The way the course is presented is powerful since he talks to you. It feels he genuinely wants you to succeed.

  36. User Avatar

    adenwala amaan

    So far, the course provides a good summary of what I have come to believe about systems from other training I have attended.

  37. User Avatar

    adenwala amaan

    Simple and powerful instruction. Clarifying.

  38. Kunal Manjhi

    Interesting, applicable ideas. Systematically taught and to the point.

  39. User Avatar

    Vineet Kumar

    Excellent course.

  40. User Avatar

    Jasim Ahmad

    Good strategies and information.

  41. User Avatar


    Got me thinking about my 5 year old business and what I’ve been missing. I anticipate good things from this course. Thank you.

  42. User Avatar

    Ashish Sinha

    Nice Course

  43. User Avatar

    Shaik rashid

    really complete, straight to the point and for me, I were looking for a first step into business world I am really happy with this course, I am receving lot of usefull information and expanding my knowledge and many idea for my business!! thank you 🙂

  44. User Avatar

    Romeo Rana

    Its was a great tutorial, its is very helpful for a enterpreneur.

  45. User Avatar

    Neha Negi

    Good to know how things need to view and use to generate business review.

  46. User Avatar

    Akshay Sahu

    Yess it is good learning with some great examples.. going well so far

  47. User Avatar

    Bintu singh

    Best course i have ever done on WERSTUPID. Great illustration / videos included along the course as well.

  48. User Avatar

    ABBAS Mansoor

    well, it was perfect every noted detail that was just perfect.Thanks for asking

  49. User Avatar


    Contents of the course are too good

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