Transformation Nutrition Certification (TNC)

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“Transformation Nutrition”, is the one of the most unique & exclusive certification courses on body transformation.



What you will get in Transformation Nutrition Certification

Course Notes

With almost 185 pages of course notes & 31 video lessons, this course will give you a deep insight into the calories, energy balance, flexible dieting, body recomposition, reverse dieting & much more.

Complete knowledge about Body Transformation

Right from concept of calories, to BMR; from energy balance to macro calculations; from flexible dieting to progress tracking; from hitting a plateau to body recomposition; from skinny fat to reverse dieting; “Transformation Nutrition Certification” will give you everything you need to learn about body transformation.

Most Exclusive Certification Course

“Transformation Nutrition”, is the one of the most unique & exclusive certification courses on body transformation.

Why Transformation Nutrition?

Overweight and obesity are risk factors for several of the leading causes of preventable death, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and many types of cancer. And, diet and physical activity are modifiable behaviours that can reduce the incidence of preventable diseases.

But when it comes to diet, the complications increase, as an estimated 1,000 weight loss diets have been developed, with more appearing in the lay literature and the media on a regular basis. Some of these dietary intervention programs are based on sound scientific evidence. Others simply eliminate one or more of the essential food groups or recommend consumption of one type of food at the expense of other foods with little to no supporting evidence. These are commonly referred to as fad diets.

Therefore, understanding the concepts of calories, BMR, EAT & NEAT, energy balance, macro calculation, flexible dieting, progress tracking, breaking a plateau, body recomposition, skinny fat, reverse dieting, and more, would help you form a strong scientific basis of understanding nutrition as a whole, and get sustainable results in your clients & yourself.

Key features

Get started with ease

All the course notes, along with the lecture videos, are available 24/7, on a click of a button, wherever you are in the world.

Improve Nutrition Knowledge

“Transformation Nutrition” is one of the most extensive nutrition courses, which will give you complete know how about body transformations, it’s associated facts, and myths.

Get access to notes

In Transformation Nutrition, you will get 4 Modules, 185 pages of course notes, & 31+ video lessons.

Get to know your Instructor

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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55 reviews for Transformation Nutrition Certification (TNC)

  1. Prashant Zade (verified owner)

    Very good course,

  2. rajat pathak

    excellent course

  3. Osama Shahid (verified owner)

    Excellent course and full of knowledge, I Loved it.

  4. Vishal Verma (verified owner)

    This is amazing knowledge in tha course ..
    everyone should doing this course… related to fitness industry

    Thank you sir..🙏🙏

  5. SURAJ KUMAR SHARMA (verified owner)

    the most powerful course with research based knowledge

    Thank you SIR

  6. Keval Patel

    I am so thankful for this course. Akshay sir is genuine and explained all the topics in a way anyone can understand. The course content was really awesome.

  7. Harman Singh (verified owner)

    Very straight forward without losing its essence. Clear and well explained.

  8. Madhuri Pandit (verified owner)

    This course is really very helpful for me. In this course I came know more about the nutritional value of different foods, about the timings at what time we must consume them. I also learned about the quantity and also the quality of food we must consume to achieve our goals.

  9. prashant shirke (verified owner)

    An excellent course, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn a lot of new things that I didn’t know about.

  10. rishavv12

    It was a nice experience of learning online. Concepts are well explained in videos.My journey of learning so far have been good and without any hustle.

  11. Rakshit Yadav (verified owner)

    I’m only at the beginning of the course, so far it is nicely structured and good quality, so I hope I will gain the knowledge I wanted from it.

  12. Jagdeep Singh (verified owner)

    Everything was explained in great detail and answered all the questions I have been searching for in regards to diet and nutrition. Instructor is well spoken and clear. Will definitely look for other courses from him but for now I will be putting my knowledge to work to lose some weight and build some muscle. Thanks for this course.

  13. friendlyprithendu

    This course was very insightful I knew the basic on nutrition but this course showed me a different way to approach my clients and how I could better server them.

  14. Rakshit Yadav (verified owner)

    i am really glad i found this course . As only lectures are enough to motivate me to follow a healthy lifestyle thank you so much sir!

  15. Ravi Bhatt (verified owner)

    This course really helped me understand the science behind nutrition and dieting and I look forward to sharing it with others and helping them on their own journey.

  16. Siddhant Humne (verified owner)

    I am in love with this course. I finally found something that I have true interest in and Akshay sir is a phenomenal instructor. I feel like he explains the material in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

  17. Karanveer singh Bajwa (verified owner)

    Great course. There’s tons of information that is applicable to various aspects of the health & nutrition industry and not just fitness.Akshay Sir does a great job at breaking down the providing knowledge so that you don’t just retain information but you also understand what is being discussed.

  18. Subhadip Das (verified owner)

    This course is so knowledgeable and profitable. This course helped me in so many ways. I gained a lot of nutrition and diet-related knowledge just by sparing some hours.

  19. mrarjunsharma (verified owner)

    I’m in my final year of my BSc Physiotherapy program and i have a love for sports medicine, sports nutrition and sports physiotherapy. This course really helped me understand nutrition better, how to make a nutrition plan and how to assess if my meals are right for me as an athlete to fuel my recovery and workouts. It was a really great course with a lot of useful information.

  20. Malini Sharma (verified owner)

    Yes this course suited my needs. All the important topics were explained in a focussed way. This course has given me confidence in continuing with my previous knowledge of diet and nutrition.

  21. Subestin John (verified owner)

    This course is excellent. The information provided has helped me to identify my personal areas for improvement in my eating habits and has equipped me with how I can truly help others as well.

  22. Dr Neha Bhatnagar Bhandari (verified owner)

    Akshay Sir is an excellent instructor, authentic, and explains everything incredibly well! Can’t wait to take more courses from him. I have learned a lot personally and to help others on their healthy journey.

  23. Rakshith Pethi (verified owner)

    I have learnt so much from Akshay Sir.He simplifies nutrition for anyone to understand yet covers so much ground.

  24. ANIL BAKKA (verified owner)

    Akshay Sir thank you for this amazing course. I fully understand the term Nutritionist. The video lectures are well balanced with information. I am going to make a career out of this course. This course I recommends for everybody that wants to make a change in your life or for somebody that needs help.

  25. Mohit Sharma (verified owner)

    I thought this was full of easily digestible information. I appreciated the way it was laid out. I would recommend this course to any who are certified and looking to refresh or starting new. Thank you!

  26. Ritwik Ganguli (verified owner)

    At home in your own time! Easy to understand. This is a wonderful course. A great understanding how food impacts your health. I really enjoyed this course. This nutrition course has changed my life. Thank you Akshay Sir.

  27. Shipra Mandal Biswas (verified owner)

    This was an amazing course. Everything in detail and perfectly outlined. Love all the resources. Thank you so much.

  28. Maaz Shaikh (verified owner)

    It was great to learn from Akshay Sir ,got full knowledge about Nutrition.I would like to take another course very soon.

  29. Raghvendra singh Sikarwar (verified owner)

    I found this course to be more informative, educational and more highly accredited than other similar courses. I am now a Certified Nutritionist!!!

  30. Sudeshna goswami (verified owner)

    Great well-executed course. very detailed and interesting.if I could give it 10 stars I would. Thanks

  31. Rakesh (verified owner)

    I really learned alot from this course would highly recommend to learn this course loved it really.

  32. Pankaj chakraborty (verified owner)

    Thank you so much I needed this Course for myself and for my Clients.

  33. Amit

    It has been great for me….it cleared many myths and doubts about many foods. It’s actually an eye opener for me regarding choosing the right food for consumption. Also it gave a rough idea about my daily requirements for macronutrients. I am happy that I took up the course.

  34. Ishita Sharma (verified owner)

    I truly enjoy following each content in the course, learning so much useful info!! Cannot wait until I am done with completing it and achieving the certificate 🙂

  35. shreya nadgir (verified owner)

    Very clear voice and he’s explain it very clearly before I started this nutrition I have zero knowledge, just by listening and pay full attention am half to be a Nutritionist expert. Thank to Akshay chopra

  36. Rohit Rao

    Enjoyed this course . Now practise makes you perfect , and that iss what i am going to do . The courses of Akshay Chopra are full of details , knowledge and well explained . I would give his course a 5 star .

  37. Sanaur Rizvi (verified owner)

    You are amazing coach and so much inspired with your knowledge. I have learnt a lot with this course. I would request you to launch a certification course for Sports Supplementation.

  38. Laksh Mehta (verified owner)

    Great course, helpful resources and I enjoyed the course. I am very empowered and I already changed my lifestyle.

  39. Manzar Bashir (verified owner)

    It was a good match for me and so much knowledge and informations to learn.

  40. Sumit Kharat (verified owner)

    Thank you for sharing this excellent course. I learned so many things about proper nurition.

  41. amit kumar (verified owner)

    The course is very interesting. The topics are discussed in detail, which makes it very informative and motivating to become more aware of our eating and keeping fit habits

  42. Harish Soni (verified owner)

    Yes, a good match for what I wanted and needed…

  43. nitish jaiswal (verified owner)

    Thorough course, with all the details needed for a newbie to understand! Very well explained and easy to follow.

  44. shruti shrivastava (verified owner)

    Very informative and explanations are easy to understand. Enjoying the course so far.

  45. Balwinder (verified owner)

    I am actually searching for fitness and nutrition course and finally I found perfect course here.

  46. prakash muaytha (verified owner)

    organization of course is very good.Very clear, audible, educative and impactful.

  47. Tanveer ahmed (verified owner)

    First time in my life I found so much info and behavioral data in such a price. This is like an interactive book, but 1000% better since it gives everything ready as a tool and it covers all aspects of nutrition, diet, emotion and psychology in weight loss. Truly amazing!

  48. Tejas (verified owner)

    Amazing course! Very helpful! Thank you Akshay Chopra Sir!

  49. karan jain (verified owner)

    It’s a very helpful course. It helped me understand about proper nutrition and how to take care of my health.

  50. nikhil srivastava (verified owner)

    Great job Akshay Sir! Finally a course discussed more than how rather than what to do regarding our diet. Congratulations!

  51. Aum lad (verified owner)

    Great experience and learned a lot of new things for achieving and maintaining wellness.

  52. Samrat (verified owner)

    Amazing course. It gets deep into the content. It was extremely helpful, informative and eye opener .

  53. kushal shah (verified owner)

    I find this course very usufull for all people indepentendly if someone wants to lose/maintain his/her weight.

  54. narinder pal

    Very practical. Enjoying the learning.

  55. suryakant sashi (verified owner)

    He didn’t just help me achieve my goals but he provided me the knowledge I needed to stay on track.

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