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No other topic is more important, and more misunderstood, when it comes to health, than sleep. Science of Sleep (SOS) is the most extensive certification course on sleep, giving you in-depth information on various aspects of sleep.

What you will get in Science of Sleep (SOS)

Course Notes

With almost 800 pages of course notes (English & Hindi), & over 70 lessons, this course will cover virtually every topic in relation to Sleep.

Effects of Good Sleep

Right from science & anatomy of sleep, various sleep disorders, effect of sleep on health and diseases, sleep nutrition & supplementation, effect on sleep on sports performance, science of dreams, effect of various lifestyle factors on sleep, ways to improve your sleep quantity and quality, and much more….

Most Extensive Certification Course

“Science of Sleep”, is the most extensive certification course on sleep out there.

Why is Sleep so important?

• When we talk about health, we often talk about exercise, diet & nutrition, stress management, and rarely sleep. Remember, “If you’re trying to solve a health-related issue but are not addressing sleep, then you’re swimming against the current.”

• Sleep forms an essential part of our daily routines and our lives. We spend virtually one third of our day sleeping.

• Sleep is important to a number of brain functions, including how nerve cells (neurons) communicate with each other. Sleep plays a housekeeping role that removes toxins in your brain that build up while you are awake.

What are the Effects of Sleep on the Human Body?

• Sleep affects almost every type of tissue and system in the body – from the brain, heart, and lungs to metabolism, immune function, mood, and disease resistance. Chronic lack of sleep increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and infections.

• From sports performance to medical recovery, from energy levels to memory, sleep plays a vital role in their regulation.

Key features

Get started with ease

The videos & related notes are extremely simple to understand, and will benefit people from both scientific and non-scientific backgrounds.

Improve Sleep Quality

Whether you want to improve your sleep quality & quantity, or work upon your client’s sleep issues, this course is for you.

Get access to notes

In SOS, you will get 6 Modules, with over 70 Videos and 800 pages of course notes (both in English & Hindi).

What you will learn from this course

Get to know your Instructor

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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I am very impressed with course content, it is great course with budget friendly.
Amazing course.

46 reviews for Science Of Sleep

  1. User Avatar


    I personally like this since it has a lot of information from various sources in one place. It has saved me a few hours which has justified the cost.

  2. User Avatar

    ushma M Marebal

    It`s really one of the best courses that i ever take here.

    Akshay Sir did a great job by providing a lot of information in concise form.

    I start implementing his advises and it really helps me!

  3. User Avatar

    Rohit Rao (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this course . Now practise makes you perfect , and that is what i am going to do . The courses of Akshay Chopra are full of details , knowledge and well explained . I would give his course a 5 star .

  4. User Avatar

    SNEHIL SINGHAL (verified owner)

    One of the best course of sleeping. I have different problem of sleeping. But from now I could solve almost all problem of my sleeping. Highly recommend.

  5. User Avatar

    Ankit Gond (verified owner)

    It’s a good course, very well explained nd I have a great experience nd learned a lot. I want to say Thank you.Highly recommended specially for sleeping disorder people.

  6. User Avatar

    K Jagannath Upadhya (verified owner)

    I was expecting a lot from this course and it fulfil my expectation. I had trouble sleeping prior to beginning this course. It greatly aids me. This course is highly recommended to everyone.

  7. User Avatar

    Himanshu Singh (verified owner)

    Really great course. I like it very much. Thank you sir for giving us such a beautiful course.

  8. User Avatar

    Nilesh Chakrabarty (verified owner)

    The sleep guidelines are quite practical and easy to follow in everyday life. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create this course.

  9. User Avatar

    Manish Nikhurpa (verified owner)

    So glad I came across this course. Had trouble sleeping since years and nothing worked. Always felt misunderstood when trying another course or therapy. UNTIL NOW! really really recommend this to everyone who wants to finally get a deep restful sleep again. Trust me, its worth every penny!

  10. User Avatar

    Tushar Bhatia (verified owner)

    Easy to follow step-by-step guide. 100% Recommended. Great, concise, and practical course.

  11. User Avatar

    Rahul R. Lata (verified owner)

    Thank you! really enjoyed going through this course…there are so many “take away strategies” I will definitely implement in my own life which will ultimately be of benefit on a professional level as well in the future.

  12. User Avatar

    Rupa Neeraj Kumar (verified owner)

    I am glad to learn this course. I can give more information to clients and family, friends. Easy to understand and lots of information.

  13. User Avatar

    Abhijeet Dilip Pednekar (verified owner)

    Another fantastic course by Akshay Sir. I cant wait to make my way through others.

  14. User Avatar

    Nilesh Durgoli (verified owner)

    I loved this course very useful information is shared in this course and I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to improve their sleep.

  15. User Avatar

    madhan (verified owner)

    Some of the advices are very helpful and really easy to apply.

  16. User Avatar

    shivam sharma (verified owner)

    my first ever review of a course, a lot of good knowledge and practical advice/steps. There’s a lot here, covers everything

  17. User Avatar

    JAMES THOMAS (verified owner)

    Very informative and the presenter is very clear, to the point and helpful. The course had some very good tips and I like how all the suggestions are natural approaches – no medication nor substances.

  18. User Avatar

    Soumya Siddharth Routray (verified owner)

    This one is a really good course with solid information and experiences followed by a logical explanation. Also it is complying with lots of data connected with the subject.I would say that this course has some truly real-life applicable elements which is great.

  19. User Avatar

    MADHU H Y (verified owner)

    This course is very amazing. The content is above from my expectation. I’ve got a lot of new knowledge that i dont know before. The most important is all tips is given in this course is worked perfectly. Thanks Akshay Sir. This course change my life a lot.

  20. User Avatar

    Vijeth Rao (verified owner)

    A lot of new and interesting things in order to hack the sleep. The course worth investing time and money. Thanks guys!

  21. User Avatar

    Varun Agrawal (verified owner)

    I’ve never delved into how sleep works and this course does a great job of explaining all aspects of sleep and how to make sleep as beneficial as possible for me. The content is delivered in an interesting way and the production quality is great.

  22. User Avatar

    debarshi chakraborty (verified owner)

    Loved every minute of this course, I am a relaxation therapist, and this course accompanies my profession greatly.

  23. User Avatar

    jay shah (verified owner)

    Clear and precise method for achieving better sleep. I have had problems with both falling asleep and sleep quality. This course requires some work, but is easily worth it! Highly recommend this course.

  24. User Avatar

    hardip gohil (verified owner)

    Amazing course. I am able to put the knowledge learned whet working with my clients.

  25. User Avatar

    Juwairia Methakar (verified owner)

    Extremely useful!

    Easy to understand great information! Thank you!!

  26. User Avatar

    Venkata Vishwanath Polepalli (verified owner)

    The course is really clear and helpful! So far, I have already received great tips for improving my sleep and they have been very helpful.

  27. User Avatar

    sahil sharda

    This course helped me to consider my sleep quality and sleeping habits realistically. I was able to improve my sleep quality based on the given recommendations.

  28. User Avatar


    The course content is informative and well-researched. The speaker seems knowledgeable as well

  29. User Avatar

    Nagendra Pratap Singh

    I was expecting a lot from this course and it fulfil my expectation. I had trouble sleeping prior to beginning this course. It greatly aids me. This course is highly recommended to me.

  30. User Avatar

    sandeep singh

    Amazing Course. Very Interesting course. I suggest for everyone.

  31. User Avatar


    This course is best for people who are getting problems in sleeping.Filling nice.thanks Best course for sleep.

  32. User Avatar

    Kd Singh

    Very interesting course – highly recommended for good habits to sleep.

  33. User Avatar

    Juwairia Methakar (verified owner)

    I like idea over here about making videos which are short less than 10 min, which makes you listen to him and not get bored of watching the video. I like the fact that even he gives scientific reason in between to support his point of view, which makes the information that he delivers authentic and to rely on.

  34. User Avatar


    Awesome course. Material well presented.I really enjoyed this class.Thank you.

  35. User Avatar

    Anil Singh

    I like it very much. Five stars for you.

  36. User Avatar

    Arjun Tomar

    This course was very holistic, considering many aspects of life. I am sure we need to take a look at several parts of our life habits to be able to change our sleep for the better. Thanks to this course I have changed a few things which will not only lead to better sleep but also to a better life in general.

  37. User Avatar


    thanks Best course for sleep.

  38. User Avatar

    Arshdeep sharma

    Nothing to say… just amazing way for health.

  39. User Avatar

    Subrata Mondal

    I am grateful to hear advice for improving my quality of sleep.

  40. User Avatar

    vinay kumar

    One of the best training classes I have done. I really like the hands-on instructions with the instructor.

  41. User Avatar

    Kunal Vikal

    I’m glad I came across this course. It offers suggestions that are achievable and practical while making fantastic arguments. Thanks a lot.

  42. User Avatar


    I really needed such a course. Thank you very much….

  43. User Avatar

    Kailash Thakur

    It is extraordinary in light of the fact that I feel like I need to change my habits. I adore how he teaches!

  44. User Avatar

    aaditya thakur

    I really needed such a course. Thank you very much….

  45. User Avatar

    Sayon Dey

    Excellent course. The speaker’s voice is very charming. It helped me develop a routine for sleeping. You are amazing, so thank you so much.

  46. User Avatar

    Diganta Basumatary

    The sleep guidelines are quite practical and easy to follow in everyday life. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create this course.

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