This is the result while I had multiple cheat meals and so much sweets, but for next three months I m going to follow the diet plan without any cheat and then I will look forward better result.Thanks sir for my help and support by clearing all the myths and facts.

Priya Ijeri

Sir is role model to everyone , words will be less if i start telling about Akshay Sir. He has guided me not only in getting my strength but also suggested me to do CFT course from ISSA. Whenever i had conversation with Sir my confidence boosted nd i feel it so happy. Sir is genuine person. Am following we r stupid from past 2yrs so i didn’t went in wrong path. Thanks to Rajat Sharma he is always there to give answer to all my doubts, it means lot to me.Thanks to the team We r stupid


Myself vrushali I am 38yr old . I was very interested in Enrolling for the Genesis weight loss program which is great fitness program set by Akshay chopra sir. . A proper diet plan was given by Akshay sir which was appropriate for my body type and comfortable for me.he explained me each and everything well about my diet.His Team & Himself used to support me by giving personal guidance on calls and chats. I have lost 8 kgs easily which could not be possible for me at home.Akshay sir gave me his personal workout videos it helped me to workout from home with minimum gym equipments.my Past weight was 58 kgs and Current weight is 50kgs. He gave me the attention and motivated me to achieve my target. Akshay sir is my inspiration n he will always. I am thankful to Akshay sir , it has helped me specifically to build my confidence level.I truly enjoyed the journey and would like to continue doing it.Love you Akshay sir for your support and for always being there whenever i need your help.

Siddhraj Parmar

I had enrolled genesis program in December. My 2 months are over. My body has totally change. This is one of the Best program in the world. Akshay sir give the answer for all my questions and genesis team are very well. My experience in genesis program is absolutely fantastic and I am fully satisfied with all the training program and diet patterns. Thank you

Vishal Solanki

One day when I saw Akshay sir on YouTube, I felt that his channel name is slightly different and I saw that what Akshay sir is talking about is different from others. All are engaged in selling the product and bringing the truth of sir product to everyone, followed them and built a good body but the lock was closed and my whole body had lost its muscle then I decided to start the genesis program and Then this program is cheaper for us students, Sir I was already following it, so I would get such a good result, he already knew but the diet was so good that I was able to easily follow even my extra supplements. Money was also saved and the Sir team has no problem while following my program, he is connected to me on the phone or in front of the message Akshay Sir and the Genesis team have got a lot to learn along with the transformations thank u so much

Divyank Aru

Mr. Akshay Chopra is a very competent and disciplined coach. It has been certainly a very important experience for me both professionally and personally,training under his guidance . It gave me a new perspective on fitness and how to achieve my goals. During, these few months of coaching with him, I could better identify my professional goals and priorities. Through his workout plans and meal plans i was furthermore able to make significant moves towards these goals step by step, week by week. He adapted the content and methodology based on what worked for me effectively. It has been a truly enhancing experience for me in my fitness journey and i look forward to continuing it.

Gagandeep Bhatia

journey meri wdia c starting ch lga difficult houga goal achive karna kyu k me pehla v try kar chukya c mera goal c single digit % body fat ch le k ona without using any steroid jo sir ne informtion provide ki and jo guide kiya it was outstanding meri life da sab to bda goal achive karne wich sir tada boht bda haath hai and my suportive family and frnds to help and motivate me to achice my goal and online training is vry helpful for me because i m not beleve ni drugs / steroid and adopt only my spirt and patience fr my goals In future if i have any further goal related to my fitness or my physcaly body i choose only u for to achivg my goals thanks to my botom of my heart thanks once again akshay sir thanks a lot

Shanthi shetty

So here goes my story…I have always been an overweight kid. However, things started getting worse during my engineering studies and later on night shifts, which is ongoing even now. I desperately started going to aerobics class in order to lose weight and would just survive on just one cup of juice and in the evening would eat bhelPuri thinking its healthy. Due to excessive cardio from aerobics and poor eating habits, I started looking older as I started to lose muscle. Later on I started working out in a gym, again my nutrition was not on point. After a few years, I came across on an online diet platform and got under 4 mentors. However, these mentors would never be available for any queries or clarifications and would just leave me in a lurch. I would measure each gram and looking at this my parents would get mad at me. Also, I would get so anxious to go socialize thinking I would not be able to maintain my diet. And boom, I discovered Akshay Chopra, I got to know so many things from him. Sir is always available to clear my doubts and educate me. I eat sensibly now. No cravings for junk. Akshay sir’s workouts are challenging. I gained amazing strength (chest press: 5 to 40kg, squats: 40 to 80kg, over 2 inches of far loss). I’m happy to have been knowing him now. I got over the obsession of getting under a mentor or personal trainer. He also took me off from many wasteful supplements. Thank you so much sir for giving this lifetime opportunity for learning.

Kunal Jha

I have been training for 3 months with the guidance of akshay sir.I loved the fact that air doesnt only trains you or guides you He also tells you how ancient times was way better as there were no fancy things to eat or show He thinks about the persons taste and gives them the diet which they will enjoy as i did Me being dedicated loved these 3 months I thank akshay sir for the help as it will help me for many years

Jaideep singh chouhan

I’ve been working with Akshay Sir for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I enjoyed the workout routine a lot as it was completely new style that I’ve never worked on before. In the first week I got injured on my right-hand wrist and lost motivation, I thought I couldn’t lift heavy so I may not able to increase my muscle mass this time but gradually with his proper guidance and amazing program with light-medium weights and proper techniques I could achieve my goal and in the last couple of weeks, I started lifting heavy weights too. I am not just transforming my body with the help of Akshay Sir’s e-books I am also trying to transform my knowledge simultaneously. Thank you so much Akshay Sir and his Team Genesis.