Nitin Chauhan (International Judo player)

I have enrolled in Genesis program recently and preparing myself for the upcoming International sports event. Achievements- Junior Asia Championship at Macau- Bronze  Junior Asia Championship at Kerala- Bronze  Commonwealth Championship at Jaipur- Gold Junior Asia Championship at Thailand- Participant Junior Asia Championship at Lebanon- Participant  World University at Italy- participant

Jinnie Gogia Chugh (Editor, Fitness Guru magazine)

With excellent knowledge about bodybuilding and all aspects of fitness, be it supplementation, workout, diet and nutrition, Akshay is definitely the Wikipedia. A respected guy with diligence and grace, his oratory skills are much praiseworthy. His efforts towards spreading the right knowledge about various aspects of fitness and busting the myths are surely going to help the industry in a long time. I would also like to put in my appreciation for his painstaking efforts towards making the professional competing a fair and respected sport. Otherwise an unorganized sector, which was causing more harm than good to professional athletes and people who are keen to enter the industry. A mentor, torchbearer of his mettle is a gift to the industry. I’m really privileged to know him and to read his work.

Kevin James (IBFF World Cup Physique silver medallist)

IBFF World Cup Physique silver medI made a decision of being under the guidance of Akshay Chopra Sir as a coach and as a mentor and it made a huge impact on my life. The best part of him is the love for the sport and the practical as well as the scientific knowledge he holds. I personally have a firm belief n faith of whatever he speaks through his videos and social media handles because they are to the point and straight forward… NO BS. PERIOD. He has been an athlete himself in the past which makes him special as he knows what his students or athletes go through.

Harshal patil (1st man of Physique, Gujarat)

Akshay Chopra is a big name in the fitness industry. Whatever is his area of study, it is backed by confirmed research. He believes in true science. I am so glad to be in personal touch with him and to have an opportunity to learn from him. Thank you so much for everything.

Prithvi Mavi (World Champion, Men’s Physique)

Akshay Chopra, who is also like my brother, believes in giving excellent and genuine knowledge to all the young and aspiring bodybuilders. Do follow his channel We R Stupid on YouTube, if you really want to learn about fitness, nutrition and supplementation. Follow him, contact him, attend his talks and seminars. He will give you deep insight about a lot of new aspects of the fitness industry, on what is right and what is wrong. So, please do follow him

Lakhan Jaswani

Left one is after and right one is before pic. Thank you sir ji apke plan se life time ke liye diet and workout samajh aya na ki short time ke liye.

Lakshay Lakhanpal

I have always been one of those guys who do not like to buy things online, and a fitness plan would be the last thing, but , i have been never so happy to be proven wrong. Genesis is not just some ordinary weight loss program, it tells you to live your life to the fullest and make fitness an essential part of it. Following a diet plan has never been so easy. Akshay Sir and his team are very polite, professional and responsive to my queries. Before joining, I thought a knew some things about fat loss, but i was wrong. Akshay Sir removed all the useless concepts from my schedule. My journey didn’t stop even during the lockdown and while others are gaining , I am still losing fat because of such a simple food plan. Highly recommended. Kudos to Akshay Sir and his team !

Dev Verma

Before enrolling for GENESIS, I was compromising with my tastebuds for the sake of health as said by some popular fitness influencer. Also I spent more than 10k on useless supplements per month. But After contacting Akshay sir I understood the real meaning of fitness. Satisfying my tastebuds with traditional north Indian meals with very less supplement. I was able to make new PR in bench, squat and deadlift. My strength was increased with muscle mass but most importantly I was enjoying my food and can sustain that diet for the rest of my life. I saved a lot of money by knowing the reality of those supplements. I would like to thanks Akshay sir for teaching me what real fitness looks like.

Nitin Sharma (Businessman)

This Genesis program is best in business because it doesn’t enforce you to take useless supplements for some specific time. In this way this program is really economical for clients, they don’t have to spend a lot of money on useless things. Diet recommend in this program also not a fancy one, you can easily take it as it comprises simple Indian food. You don’t have to take your food according to grams or calories, it’s the best part of this program. Simple and easy to follow for the working people.

Devangi Rozaro

First of all I would like to congratulate u to b one of most loved and the most genuine person in the Indian fitness world. You are a streak of light in the dark and ignorant fitness world of our country. I had a great and a very fruitful experience with the Genesis program designed by him specially for me, keeping all my goals and requirements in mind. I have developed plenty of strength, have gained lean muscles and transformed myself into something which I always wanted. Not only workouts  but the food and nutritional guidance was also excellent and result giving. It changed my view regarding food and nutrition. The biggest plus point of Akshay sir is that he doesn’t keep us totally dependent on him. Rather he makes us capable to understand our own body, health and develops our insight  regarding food and exercise. All the things explained by him worked wonderfully. I owe him a lot for making me confident to decide what’s correct for me in the matter of health,  fitness and food. Hats off to Akshay sir and WRS for bringing forth genuine outputs for all his clients.