Whey Protein vs Protinex – The Ugly Truth

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This was a comparison which is long pending and actually much needed. And believe me, the results are quite shocking, specially the parents and doctors recommending cheap quality commercial protein drinks (or should I say ‘so called’ protein drinks).

The best part is that most information is quite clear and had been in front of your eyes throughout. But people have been simply ignorant to know the difference. More so, they are heavily bombarded with deceptive marketing on various media platforms, which convinces them to believe in false information being promoted, purely for profits.

I discussed many times, why Indians are afraid to use protein supplements. However, we Indians are not just afraid of using the highest quality protein supplements, which is being used medically world over; but are instead using cheap quality, sugar filled crap in the name of supplements, which have been marketed to us for so long.

Why do you think we consume supplements? The word ‘supplement’ itself means ‘additional to something’. So, we take supplements to fulfill the nutrition gap, which for some reason we aren’t able to fulfill with our daily food intake. But when you supplement something, you would want that supplement to be of the highest quality you can get for that particular nutrient need.

Why would someone ever buy a cheap and low-quality supplement to fulfill their deficiencies? But most of us unknowingly do it, because of ignorance, and deceptive marketing.

When we measure the protein quality, two foods may have the same amount of protein but the amino acid profile may differ. There are many quality indexes which measure the ability of a protein to provide the necessary amino acids for optimal functioning. These are:

  • Biological value
  • Net protein utilization (NPU)
  • Net dietary protein energy ratio
  • Protein efficiency ratio (PER)
  • Net Protein Ration
  • Amino acid score
  • Protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS)
  • Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS)

Generally PDCAAS is considered widely as the gold standard of protein quality assessment. But some issues have cropped up with PDCAAS overtime. Given these concerns, an updated assessment of protein quality was proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organization Expert Consultation, in 2013. This newer system is called the Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS).

The highest quality proteins when considered in terms of PDCAAS/DIAAS score are generally animal proteins like milk, whey, casein, eggs, and beef, which have PDCAAS at or very near 1.0. Most plant sources may have insufficient levels of one or more indispensable amino acids, so have a lower PDCAAS/DIAAS score.

However, as I have covered before and even proven in studies now, that in the case of plant versus animal proteins, simply consuming more of the plant protein can help to provide higher indispensable amino acid intakes. In addition, it has now become much easier for consumers to boost intake of plant proteins via the availability of multiple plant-based protein isolates and concentrates (soy, pea, etc.) in the food industry.

It was once difficult for individuals to take in relatively large amounts of protein from whole plant foods because they typically have a low percentage of protein. However, plant protein isolates and concentrates, which often contain 80% or more protein by weight, make it possible to consume 10–20g or more of plant-based protein per one serving of a ready-to-drink shake or powder mix

Therefore, when it comes to supplements, we should be choosing either animal source protein supplements like whey, casein etc. or should opt for good quality plant protein supplements like soy, pea or blends of different plant protein foods.

With this context in mind, let’s compare the purest quality whey proteins with Protein X supplement.

For whey I am using Naturaltein, one of the most pure and tested whey protein brand in Indian markets, against Protinex supplement. It’s actually not a comparison at all. Looks more like an insult to a brand which wants to provide the best to the Indian people, like many other such brands, vs a brand which is… whatever the reason they are there for.

Here is the comparison:

  • >80gm/100gm of purest whey protein VS 34gm/100gm of low quality peanut protein.
  • App. 2gm/100gm of carbs & virtually 0gm of sugar VS >53gm/100gm of carbohydrates, of which 29gm is pure sugar, and rest is malt extract and maltodextrin.
  • World’s strongest certifications and testing VS virtually nothing.
  • Zero colours, additives, preservatives, sweeteners (only stevia) VS colours, artificial flavours, maltodextrin as sweetener and whatever other cheap filler you can add.

Now comes a comparison which people never understand and they think they are buying cheaper alternative. Why cheap is not better, but can be even worse, here is a classic example.

A 750gm + 250gm combo of Protinex costs app. Rs. 1150

Naturaltein ranges between Rs. 2500 – 3000/kg for 1kg

Most of us would think that it’s a clear difference in terms of price. But if you have understood the above comparison, you would not say this.

Naturaltein is providing you among the purest whey proteins in the world (80gm/100gm) vs cheap peanut protein (34gm/100gm).

Even if we disregard the protein sources. To get 80gm of protein from Protinex you would need to take almost 2.5 times the protein you get from the same amount of Naturaltein. That means, protein in each scoop of Naturaltein is equivalent to protein in app. 2.5 scoops of Protinex.

In that case, the cost would rise to the same range as that of naturaltein.

Now, let’s compare again:

Highest quality whey protein, with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, colours. And world’s strongest testing and certifications like Cologne List, NSF, Heavy metal, Amino acid profile, glyphosate free, and milk derived from hormone free cows.


Cheapest quality peanut protein, tons of sugar and maltodextrin. Every possible additive, colour, preservative, flavours, sweeteners, under the sun.

Didn’t I tell you before, it’s not a comparison, but a joke, and insult to the highest quality supplement companies.

In simple terms, it’s like comparing a Porsche or Merc. Maybach to second hand Alto.

That’s why it’s a child’s play to fool people in this country. All you need is deceptive marketing, and commission agents to reinforce it.