Honey Pro 1 Kg

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Our honey pro  is sourced from the great Himalayas, from a height of app. 10,000ft. Honey Pro is harvested by the local farmers of Himachal Pradesh, using traditional & natural methods, which ensures that you get the purest raw honey for you and your family. Life is full of tough choices, when it comes to choosing the best for your health. We at Mango Herbs, are committed to give you the purest natural products, which are backed by solid scientific research. ‘Trust’ is the word, our company lives by. Trust in our customers, our quality, and our service.

Nearly all types of honey will crystallize at some time or the other. Fructose/Glucose ratio indicates the ability of honey to crystallize or liquify. But the honey does not get spoilt as many people think, in case it crystalizes. It is a natural phenomenon. To liquefy the honey, place the glass jar with honey in a bowl of hot water and eventually the honey will liquefy.