4 Stupid Lines We Should Stop Using In Gym

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Well there are lot of things we often say to ourselves and to others, without even thinking for a moment about what it actually mean and what impact it is putting on our subconscious mind.

Here are 4 such statements we repeatedly say, when it comes to health and fitness, but it puts a very negative impact on the thinking pattern:

  1. I AM OUT OF SHAPE – this is something you hear quite often. Remember that your body is never “out of shape” as we often call it. It is always in the shape you have given it over the years. That input could be constant movement and hard high intensity workouts or constant sitting and building a family pack instead of six packs.

When you accept it’s your wrong/right choices, which led you to your current situation, then you will be able to act quite strongly on it.

2. LIFESTYLE CHANGE – this is one of the favorite terms used by dieticians or certain trainers. I would really like to ask the meaning of the word ‘Lifestyle Change’. Does this mean, that the person has been doing everything wrong from the time he/she is born, and needs to change the entire life? Or the person has gone so wrong, that everything he/she is doing will lead to a disastrous outcome?

When we use terms like “Lifestyle Change”, it most often puts a tremendous mental pressure on the person, as it makes him think, that he is going all wrong, and needs to change everything. In such cases, the person gives up, even before he starts.

Remember, changes are small and sustainable and in sync with the current lifestyle of that person. If a person cannot sustain the changes, then he is just on an adventure, and adventures are always short lived. Instead, if we use the term, “small changes in your life”, it would be much more encouraging and would ensure sustained & consistent efforts from the side of the person.

3. HO JATA HAI – when I talk to people, there are certain statements which are quite common to hear. Talking about diet, I often hear people say, “once or twice in a week, ho jata hai”. Here they are talking about junk food intake. Similar statements are heard in other contexts also. For e.g. when you ask them about having alcohol, smoking etc. they often say, “ho jata hai”.

Remember, “Nothing happens, you do it”. The above statements shows a casual attitude towards life, and an attitude to pass on the blame to anything external, than accepting it. If you eat junk food, consume excessive alcohol, smoke multiple times a day, all this doesn’t happen automatically, you do it.

Denial will never let you act upon the problem, because you are refusing to accept it as your own. No one likes to act on things, which are not their own. First, accept that, nothing and no one forced you to do anything, it was your choice, and your doing. You did it. Once you did it, now you can undo it. You can’t undo something, you haven’t done.

4. I DON’T WANT TO BE MUSCULAR, JUST LOSE WEIGHT – this is one statement, which may be the most irritating statement for the coaches in a gym. When people used to say to Arnold, “we don’t want to look like you”, Arnold used to reply calmly “Don’t worry, you never will”. I have heard this statement so many times, in various aspects of my life that I eventually started laughing at the utter stupidity and ignorance of those fools.

This is the best statement to put someone down, and undermine the achievements of the person. It clearly shows immaturity and lack of exposure in life. The question is not whether you want to be or not, the question is “do you have the fuckin guts, to do that, or be that?”. Had things been so easy, there would be legends and champions in ever house. But that’s the difference between people who do, and people who speak.

It is not just irritating, but quite hurtful when you just tell someone, who has achieved something worthwhile in life, with blood, sweat & tears, that you don’t want to be like them. To achieve anything in life, you have to give years of dedication and toiling. Life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you deserve.