Gym Bhej Do – Fit Ho Jaega

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There is an absolutely ridiculous belief in India, and it has been ingrained in the minds of lot of adults.

If a guy isn’t worth anything, whiling away his time, not amounting to anything in life, is living on his parents’ resources, and not ready to work for it, despite of all the efforts from the family, then there is a locally developed instant solution for him.

Get him married.

Yes, that’s the solution.

Sounds absolutely weird? It actually is, when you understand the logic behind it.

Acc. to the self-proclaimed genius uncle & aunties of India, the movement you get such a guy married, he will be laden with additional responsibility of taking care of his wife, and some kind of an instant inner realization will happen, and he will turn into a hard working & responsible person.

Amazing isn’t it? Beyond all scientific and logical thinking?

Then we wonder why domestic violence cases and divorces happen, especially in such households. And I pity the girl, who is getting married with dreams in her heart.

Same is the mindset of uncles and aunties, if you ask them about their kid getting obese. What’s the common answer, Gym Bhej Denge, Fit Ho Jaega (just send him to the gym, he will become fit).

What?? Did I hear it right?

Gym bhej do, fit ho jaega? How?

It’s like saying, send the kid to school, and he will automatically turn into a genius.

Or start a business, you will be a millionaire.

If this logic continues, then every person joining a gym will turn into a world champion sportsman in one year.

All these amazing statements only come from mouth of a person, who has never been to a gym in their life.

Had they been, they would have known the amount of effort which goes into getting a fit and strong physique. The same effort, which goes in scoring good marks, or performing in any field in life.

Also, these are the same people who, within two weeks of their kids joining the gym, start taunting them, with statements like: “farak to kucch dikh nahin raha, kyon paise barbad kar raha hai, isse accha ghar pe exercise kar le” (I can’t see any difference in your body, why are you wasting money, better you exercise at home).

A strong piece of request for such parents: try and visit the gym once, and see what your kid is doing. Talk to the coach, ask about his progress, is he regular, is he sincere. Your responsibility doesn’t end after paying the gym fees. Don’t you enquire about your kids progress from the school?

Better, try and join the gym with your kid. You need strength training and regular exercise, as much as your kid does. That would be the biggest motivation for him.