10 Morning Drinks For Belly Fat

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Sometimes I wonder, what does it cost someone to just stick to the facts, and not exaggerate them?

If a particular product or practice has ‘x’ number of benefits, then why do people overhype them, to 10x levels, where 9x is just plain bull….?

Well, I can understand the answer is marketing, but isn’t there something called ethical and unethical business practices? I also understand that marketing has to be overhyped a bit, but not to an extent, that the real facts take a complete backseat.

I am co-founder of a brand called Mango Herbs, and my endeavor has been to produce the best quality health supplements, for the entire family. I make sure that I give my consumer, the best quality ingredients one can get their hands on. In doing that, the margins surely reduce a bit, but I sleep a content and happy man. Trust is what my brands and I always stand for.

Many people asked me whether these products lead to weight loss, or burn belly fat etc. The answer is no. None of them have any such property. They have multiple health benefits, but have nothing to do with weight or fat loss.

In the similar context, there have been a list of advices by a number of dieticians or nutritionists, which may have benefits, but have nothing to do with weight loss or fat loss, something they have been wrongly advising their clients or followers.

Let’s take the types of morning drinks being advised to be consumed empty stomach, and it would melt their belly fat, make them lose 5-15kg in matter of days. The higher the number in kilos lost, more the views.

Let’s see some of these famous drinks, though the list is endless:

  • Honey and lemon water
  • Cinnamon water
  • Cucumber and mint water
  • Lemon and chia seeds water
  • Jeera water
  • Methi seeds water
  • Saunf water
  • Ajwain water
  • Amla juice
  • Haldi water
  • Lemon ginger
  • Black coffee with lemon

These are to name a few. Then comes the morning drink, afternoon drink, evening drink, overnight drink, maybe there is something like ‘wake up in the middle of night drink’.

Let’s clear the clutter here.

  1. All these drinks, and more, are healthy. For the simple reason that, they contain natural spices, herbs, or vegetables etc. All of which have their own health benefits, due to amazing nutritional profile. They have different excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and even anti-cancer properties.

2. But again, the same issue – “GARBAGE + FLOWERS = GARBAGE”. What does this mean? If you see a big garbage dump, it may contain a lot of flowers in it, but it would still be a garbage dump. Because the beauty of flowers is hidden by the stench & site of the garbage dump. It’s the same here – “BULLSHIT + FACTS = BULLSHIT”. Because facts are hidden behind the crap.

None of these drinks, not even a single one has any relation to fat loss, or weight loss or belly fat loss. There is absolutely no evidence or proof of any kind. None of them have any hunger suppressing effects, nor they boost your metabolism in any way.

So, should you stop taking them, if you taking any. Not at all. As health wise they are amazing, and you should have such drinks, in fact try different herbs and spices, as all have different properties.

But don’t have them with the idea of weight loss of belly fat loss in mind. that’s stupidity. You can’t have such drinks with the idea of fat loss, and then have a samosa or donut, at other time in the day, thinking that these drinks will do some magic. They won’t.

You want to lose fat? You have to eat healthy and less, a simple concept of nutrition and calorie deficit. You have to exercise. You have to sleep well, and manage your stress levels. Believe me, if you go wrong in any of them, others will take a hit, and then you will ask why your fat loss has stopped?