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May 28, 2021
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Akshay ChopraFounder - We R Stupid
no best diet or supplement

This is one query I get virtually every day either in my live sessions, or on the regular comments on my videos on various social media platforms.

What is the best workout for fat loss, best workout for muscle gain, best diet for fat loss/muscle gain, best supplement, or something which would be best for them?

best workout for fat loss

Now let me ask you a question. If you want to get learn any subject deeply, let’s say history, which one book is the best which will tell you everything about history. Is there any such book out there. No, there isn’t and there can’t be any. There is no one single source of information or knowledge, to know it all.

Similarly, there is no best diet or best workout in the world. Diet and workouts vary from person to person and need to need. And there are way too many variations involved.

For whom is the diet & workout schedule made?

What’s the age, sex & requirements of the person? An older individual, a kid, a women, a pregnant women, a teenager, a middle aged person, a pro sportsman, a person suffering from a chronic or acute medical issue, an injury rehab case, a chronically obese person, a person with a major psychological issue etc. all have different needs and requirements.

Now comes the next list of individual assessment. What culture or tradition a person belongs to, what are his allergies and sensitivities, what’s his current lifestyle schedule, what are his work and family stresses, what are his taste buds like, is he/she a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, vegan etc.

Now, tell me which is the best workout, diet or supplement for anyone. There isn’t any such thing. And even if a dietician or a coach think, they have designed the best diet or workout schedule for their client, they are highly mistaken, and the experienced ones know & accept this fat.

With exactly the same workout, diet plan and supplementation regime, two individual may react absolutely differently. Because they have a different genetic makeup and multiple individual differences. Then the best workout, diet and supplementation plan is no longer the best anymore.

However, ever imagined who are the people who ask such questions and why. Mostly the individuals asking such questions are youngsters, who after getting influenced from some stupid video or blog post on internet, start assuming that there must be some secret recipe or method, to gain overnight results.

Some supplement to make them ripped and muscular, in a matter of days. Some diet, which can make them lose all the fat and the best part, never let it come back. Some workout which can make them muscular and strong in the shortest time possible. Of course, all this should be without any major effort.

So, in short, they are all asking for some secret from me, which I know and I am not ready to share it with them. It’s only when they grow in maturity and knowledge that they understand the simple fact, which actually they know already, but always refuse to accept. THERE IS SIMPLY NO SHORT CUT TO ANYTHING WORTHWHILE IN LIFE. For every single god damn thing, you need to put huge amount of consistent effort, for a very long time, before you even start seeing results.

no shortcuts

Worse, such idiotic videos and blog posts are commonly seen on the social media nowadays, due to which people who don’t belong to the field of fitness and nutrition, get easily influenced. Because they promise the same thing, which everyone wants, but no one can get, i.e. RESULTS WITHOUT THE EFFORT. The world was always full of such scamsters and thug companies, but now due to the internet, they are more easily visible, and have a better access to people. 

Therefore, stop asking and looking for the best in life.

no such thing as perfection

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