Detox Water: Does It work?

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Detox is the latest buzzword, and the companies are cashing heavily on this trend. Market is full of everything detox, from detox juices, to detox supplements, from detox teas, to detox enemas, from foot patch to colon cleansing, and you name it. 

But unfortunately, when it comes to detox, not one, but most are scams, and have absolutely no evidence or proof or scientific study to support them.

There are only 2 reasons why they sell heavily:

  • Heavy marketing by the companies, and
  • Lack of knowledge or simply ignorance on the part of the consumer.

In the list of these detox scams, there is a latest entry, and it’s called DETOX WATER or INFUSED WATER.

These trends catch fire more through heavy marketing and self-proclaimed influencers, showcasing them on their social media platforms.

Of course, when you have the likes of Dr. Oz claiming a loss of 16 pounds in days, and many Indian and Hollywood actresses, swearing by their regular intake of these detox waters, why should anyone even question.

This is followed by a list of magical health benefits: right from weight loss, to liver & kidney detox, to colon cleanse, from better complexion to improved digestion, from increasing energy levels to boosting immunity, and balancing body’s pH, and then comes the serious claims of cancer cure and some more.

Before we bust this level of ultra-stupidity, how is this detox/infused water, prepared?

It’s easy. Just take a big glass/plastic jug or container, and started adding a combination of different fruits, vegetables, some herbs etc. and bingo.

No, I am not talking about fruit or vegetable juice or smoothie. Just cut and slice the fruits, vegetables and some herbs, and whatever combination you want, and put them in a jar full of water. Let it stay for some time, and voila, you are ready with the most powerful health cure in your hands, the great detox water.

Now, how could you stop bullshit from stinking? Comes the specially designed infused water bottles, which can be carried anywhere to benefit you from the great detox.

Sometimes I wonder, how much toxins are these people carrying, and where are they coming out from?

Let’s bust this myth of stupid detox-water:

  • What your body needs is simply adequate water, and that’s enough to keep your body, skin and other organs in good shape. Not any fancy detox water, just simple water.
  • Your kidney and liver are the main detox organs of the body, and they are well capable of functioning and detoxifying your body every day, on themselves. Whether your kidney or liver is having an issue, can be only diagnosed through your blood or urine test. If there is a problem in the liver or kidney figures, the medical professional will advise you accordingly.
  • The so-called liver supplements and herbs do work and so do many other foods, but they don’t detox the kidney or liver, but the phytonutrients in them keep the liver and kidney functioning optimally, or simply improve their function.

Now, the other part is about the fruits and vegetables. Let me narrate you an incident which happened with me. I saw this weird looking bottle, the very first time with a female client in one of my gyms. And when I closely looked, I could see, some fruits stuffed in the pipe, which was in the middle of the bottle, and the pipe had some small holes in it.

The water was filled in the space surrounding the pipe, and some particles from the fruits in the pipe, were breaking away and floating in the water, through those holes. It looked more like contaminated water, than anything else, at that time.

I asked this client, to explain me this beyond science phenomena, and as I expected, in the most ignorantly confident manner, she replied, “it’s called detox water’, it’s amazing. It helps you lose weight, it’s amazing for the skin…” and she made me count number of benefits, which of course she had heard from someone equally ignorant.

How? I asked next, to which I got the same blank look with a big question mark on the face, as if I have asked her for an immediate kidney donation.

Well, to cut the silence, I asked her what will you do with these fruits and vegetables, which are in the middle tube in your fancy bottle? The answer was simply throwing it away.

Great, and how many servings of fruits and vegetables do you have in a day? I asked. To which she looked up, as if in a deep thought, and replied, may be one.

Well, I had nothing left to say, thereafter.

There is not even a single proof in the entire world, that there is any benefit of taking these so-called detox water or infused waters, other than the water itself.

The claim of these detox water making your body alkaline is also busted long time back, and it does nothing to the pH balance of your body. That’s automatically balanced by your kidneys, and even a slight change, can lead to serious health complications, including death.

The recommended intake of fruits and vegetables is on an average 3-5 servings of different colored fruits and vegetables every day. Most people are hardly even taking a single serving, and on top of that, they are throwing away the amazing fruits and vegetables, after drinking the water around them.

It’s like soaking the pulses overnight, but in the morning, drink the water, and throw the pulses away. When your family asks, where are the pulses, simply give them the detox water from these pulses.

You will get many times more benefits from eating fresh fruits and vegetables, or having their juices or smoothies, instead of the detox water made by soaking them.

I would be happy, if someone can invent a brain detox drink for such people. I think that’s where the real toxins lie.