Dry Scooping – What The…??

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A new fitness trend on the same lines is making news on social media now a days, and gaining millions of views. it’s called “Dry Scooping”.

Taking a pre-workout supplement involves a simple method. Take a scoop or two, and add it in a liquid, mostly water, dilute it well and drink it. I don’t think there was something wrong on non-scientific about this?

But this practice is age old now, it won’t gather views and likes. So, “chalo kucch toofani karte hain”.

Enters Dry-Scooping, wherein a person puts a scoop of undiluted dry powder directly into their mouth followed by a few sips of water or liquid.

There was a study done on such dangerous methods being propagated by immature fake influencers on the social media, and the consequences it can have. Researchers found a number of such videos, and they took 100 such videos for analysis, which had a cumulative number of likes: 259,773,000 and ranged from 112,300-1,700,000 per video.

64% of the videos featured males, 30% females, 3% both, and 3% were ambiguous. 31% of the videos featured dry scooping (totalling 8,201,900 likes), 11% featured users improperly concentrating/mixing pre-workout (totalling 2,399,400 likes), and 7% featured users consuming pre-workout through other dangerous methods (totalling 1,721,200 likes). Only 8% of videos depicted use according to instructions (totalling 2,030,200 likes).

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The researchers found that, on TikTok, dangerous methods of consuming pre-workout were found to be extremely prevalent; videos featuring dry scooping had over 8 million likes. This may mislead millions of minors into improper use of pre-workout. The highly concentrated powder can lead to choking, accidental inhalation, overconsumption, injury, and death. 

A lot of youngsters, trying this stunt may find themselves choking or having breathing trouble, when the powder gets caught in the throat or inhaled. Most may recover quickly, but many end up in the emergency room. Children with respiratory issues like asthma or bronchitis are at serious risk.

Also, pneumonia is a high possibility if the particles get into the lungs, a phenomena called as ‘aspiration’.

It can also lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach cramps.

Remember, Shit stinks, and the smell travels far.

That’s what is the condition of social media today. The more eye grabbing it is, the more likes and views it will attract. No matter how bullshit & nonsensical it is.

That’s why such trends catch on like wild fire, and you will find many youngsters experimenting and filming themselves to gain popularity.

Not just that, people try to justify such garbage acts, by giving false claims like, dry-scooping will help absorb the compounds faster.

Just to clarify, it won’t, in any way. Second, a pre-workout is as such a fast-acting supplement which start showing results in minutes. How much faster do you want it to act & why?

An even faster will be a kick to your nuts, or a slap on your face. That’s instant effect, in microseconds. Try it. It’s called ‘Dry-Slapping’.