Do Not Go To Gym – U Will Have Heart Attack ??

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When the country woke up with news of another shocking news of a heart attack, this time of the famous Indian comedian, Mr. Raju Srivastava, the question again, on everyone’s mind was, what the hell is happening.

Why are people getting heart attacks so frequently? Though Raju Srivastava is almost 60, and but we have seen the phenomena rising in much younger population, not just in India, but around the world.

Though I have covered this aspect in detail earlier, but in the last couple of years, a new baseless scare is being spread, as the probable reason for heart attack. That is your ‘gym’.

Many youngsters have messaged me that their parents are stopping them, and even scolding them, from going to the gym. Because they think that gym is the place where heart attacks happen.

Where did this scare originate from? As usual, from our amazing masala media and the social media platforms. When you have headlines like these: what will you expect the reaction of general public to be?

People often believe, that if it’s in a news channel, or news website, it would automatically be true. Remember one thing, the aim of news channels is to show you the news, not the truth. Read it again.

News channels work on the concept of negativity bias, i.e. more negative and sensational the news, higher would be the views. Aim is not to go deep into the subject, and do proper evidence-based research, but to add fuel to the fire.

But when we come to exercise, physical inactivity & obesity is one of the leading risk factors for developing Coronary Heart/Artery Disease. And exercise which includes endurance and strength training, is the major recommendation of every single medical body in the world, which includes, European Society of Cardiology, US NIH, UK NHS, Indian Medical Association, and many more.

On the other hand, there is a total disconnect between the headlines of the news, and the content it actually presents. In most cases, the only authentic source of information related to health with these media portals are doctors. Rarely have I seen any news channel or website giving research studies or related evidences, especially in India.

And even the doctors, have told clearly in these related news articles, that exercise is must for cardiac health, which includes both endurance and strength training. The only advice is not to suddenly go overboard if you haven’t done workouts before.

Now, anyone who has been exercising for some time, knows a simple fact, that you can’t just go overboard like that. Your muscles and joints aren’t ready. Your neuromuscular efficiency is too low. The workouts are always progressive. Which means, you always start small and gradually increase your intensity and volume, over weeks and months. This is true for any kind of exercise components, be it strength training or endurance work.

On the other hand, there absolutely no evidence that these actors got heart attack, because they were working out on a particular intensity. Had that been the case, half of the world population would have been extinct, specially sportsmen, soldiers, farmers, labourers and many more.

Also, what about the other major risk factors, which are primarily responsible for heart attacks, which are especially prevalent in people with high stress jobs, especially in the cities.

Most actors and actresses are under tremendous stress not just due to work, but uncertainty in their careers. Overnight shoots, continuing for days together, without rest. The pressure to maintain a certain kind of physique or look, to be in public. Lack of sleep, improper eating habits, too much dependence on stimulants, excessive smoking and drinking, underlying medical conditions (which they are unaware of), are some of the many reasons which can lead to cardiovascular disease.

If we take Raju Srivastava’s case, he had a heart attack, while running on a treadmill, and could have had the same, if running outside. The same is with weight training. The place where you do exercise, has nothing to do with heart attacks.

On top of that, when the doctors went through the reports of Raju Srivastava’s past medical conditions, they found that, he had already been a heart patient. Here is what the reports revealed:

According to Raju Srivastava’s MRI report, doctors found that the nerves in his brain were suppressed. It was also revealed that 9 stents were already placed for the comedian. During the angiography, the doctors also discovered that there was a 100% block.”

So, dear parents, please read and understand a topic, before you enforce your wrong ideas on your children. Parents who have been exercising themselves, will never say any such thing, or prevent anyone from going to gym or exercising.