Face Yoga For Chiselled Jawline ?

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Your facial soft tissue consists of a series of layers like the skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, superficial musculoaponeurotic system, deep adipose tissue, and deep fascia or periosteum. It is also commonly known and observed that sagging and wrinkles appear on the face in older individuals. Thus, aging is, expected to influence the facial soft tissues.

Commercially, there are several methods currently used for correcting signs of facial aging, which include the injection of the botulinum toxin, chemical peeling, dermal fillers, cosmetic surgery, laser treatment, facelift, and facial surgeries.

chiselled jawline

However, there is a growing interest in improving and/or delaying facial aging through facial exercises aimed at strengthening, moving and manipulating facial muscles. These alternative approaches are non-invasive and less expensive.

Face exercises, or what we also called facial yoga, help in stimulating the muscles of the face.

A 2013 systematic review study, found that, there is insufficient evidence to conclude whether facial exercises have any special benefit for reducing signs of ageing.

facial muscle exercises reduce signs of ageing

A 2018 study, determined the association of a facial muscle exercise program with the appearance of the face and neck, in elderly women (aged 40-65yrs). Participants performed daily 30-minute exercises for 20 weeks, every other day (3-4 times per week).

Researchers found that, this protocol, may modestly improve the facial appearance of selected middle-aged women. 

A 2021 systematic review study, investigated the effect of facial exercises on facial muscle strengthening and facial rejuvenation. It concluded that, facial exercises for facial rejuvenation lead to improvements in the mechanical properties and elasticity of the skin of the face and neck, the thickness and cross-sectional area of the facial muscles, and upper and lower cheek fullness. There is a strengthening of the facial muscles.

Facial exercises may also help loosen & lighten some thick scars, if you have any.

However, with all the positive points, these studies are highlighting, there is absolutely no evidence that doing these facial exercises or facial Yoga, will lead to reduction in face fat, or you getting a defined jaw line.

You simply can’t reduce fat from an area, specially the face. Overall fat loss will help you lose fat from the face too. The issue is wrong observance.

When you see models and athletes, they are having a sharp jawline not because they do facial exercises, but because they are having a very low overall fat percentage, due to which their face appears sharper.

You can’t change the shape of your face, as it largely depends on your genes. You can’t change your bone structure without invasive cosmetic surgery.