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Kal Raat Se Gluten Intolerant

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May 11, 2022
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Akshay ChopraFounder - We R Stupid
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Internet and social media, proved to be revolutionary and life-changing for the entire world. The type knowledge, which was once a rare commodity, is just another piece of information, and available on the click of a button.

Yes, the people are well informed and more aware than ever before, but they are also more confused. This is simply due to the abundance of information at their disposal. They aren’t able to decipher what’s right or wrong, what’s fact and what’s fiction, what’s science & evidence based and what’s self-made and pseudoscientific.

social media influencers

We need to understand that, Google is a search engine, and not a truth engine. It will give you what you want to see, not what is right. And that’s where the main issue lies. If it’s the main platform for lot of ethical businesses, it’s also the best platform for the unethical ones.

If we boil down to the field of fitness and nutrition, the condition is exactly the same as we discussed above. The internet, and social media platforms are full of unscientific, self-made information than genuine science based.

Also, science and knowledge-based information is mostly boring and bland,as it may scientific jargon and simple facts. But who wants that? People want masala. Fancier the information, more the number of views it gets. Who cares about the product, it should be packaged well.

But in turn, who is harmed the most? It’s always the end user, or the viewer in this case.

There are tons of bad advices out there, but the scary picture is when people start applying these advices on their own selves or their loved ones.

There was a community garbage bin at a distance from my gym. Far enough, not to disturb anyone. But often the stench from the garbage, when it rains or when the garbage overflows, travels far and wide. Of course, to everyone’s annoyance. Do you know why it happens? Because when shit stinks, and more the amount, stronger and farther the smell will travel.

This is exactly the condition of internet today. Bullshit information is propagated and marketed so heavily, that it travels at lightning speed, and in no time, everyone is catching on to it.

A new diet trend, or a stupid supplement, made famous by an actor or actress, or an influencer, howsoever, rubbish and unscientific, will be immediately adapted my millions. The problem? Forget about the normal individuals, the very influencer, actor or actress, don’t have an iota of an idea, what they are promoting.

Cherry on the cake, people who suddenly out of the blues, start following such advice, never even question, WHY or HOW?

And I am not talking about kids, but well matured and educated people. I once asked a lady, who was following such rubbish advice, and going nowhere, but just getting more miserable, that has she taught her kids, not to take anything from strangers? Of course, she very proudly said, yes.

Then how can you do that yourself? I said. Puzzled, she asked me what I meant.

It means, if your children shouldn’t be taking anything from people they don’t know, then why are you taking information from an unknown person on social media, without even asking the source of the information, or checking the facts?

And the most surprising fact is that there are millions of individuals, who start applying such rubbish information, without having any issue or need to do so.

Let me explain. The scare of gluten in foods is a relatively new one. But the facts are very clear, and every nutrition body and hundreds of researchers have already cleared their stand on this. I have made complete video series, and written and complete eBook on the same subject .

Here is a small write-up from the book:

gluten free diet

“the practice of gluten avoidance in this population may be the perception that a gluten free diet is a nutritionally healthier option than a traditional Western diet. Another potential perceived benefit of a gluten free diet is that it is associated with weight loss…

What we need to understand that, the claims of gluten free diet leading to weight loss, are unfounded. The gluten free diet is healthier for people with gluten intolerant disorders (celiac disease or gluten sensitivity), but there is no evidence that it is beneficial for people who do not have these conditions.

Again, it boils down to the overall quality & quantity of the diet being consumed. If an individual whose diet contains large amounts of breads, pastas and cookies (especially those made from refined flours) switches to a gluten- free diet which eliminates these foods while increasing fruits, vegetables and other healthful gluten-free foods, the resulting diet would likely be healthier.

Some people claim that they have more energy while eating a gluten-free diet.In reality, it’s often eating increased fruits and vegetables in place of the high-calorie and high-fat processed foods they used to eat that gives people an energy boost.

No reputable scientific studies to date have found that eliminating gluten from the human diet leads to increased energy levels.”

Now with the above clear facts, based on solid evidence-based research, I once asked a female, who told me that she has turned gluten-free, virtually overnight, without any medical issue or being gluten intolerant, then why has she removed gluten from her diet?

Of course, she had no idea, but very confidently, she just told the couple of words which she heard from the self-proclaimed fitness and nutrition experts. That it’s very good for digestion, it will lead to weight loss, it prevents diseases and so on.

Well, I wanted to ask her why and how, but I knew she had no idea, that’s why I just asked her one question: ‘What is Gluten?’

what is gluten

I am sure the look she gave me was the same, she gave in her school, when she didn’t do her homework, and the teacher asked for it.

To break the silence, I asked her if she was having gluten sensitivity, or celiac disease, or if she has any digestive issue after consuming wheat,something she has been consuming from over 3 decades? Again, the answer was a big NO.

Well, I wanted to ask her why and how, but I knew she had no idea, that’s why I just asked her one question: ‘What is Gluten?’

I am sure the look she gave me was the same, she gave in her school, when she didn’t do her homework, and the teacher asked for it.

To break the silence, I asked her if she was gluten intolerant , or having celiac disease, or if she has any digestive issue after consuming wheat,something she has been consuming from over 3 decades? Again, the answer was a big NO.

But this is not one case, there are millions like them, in different age groups, both in men or women. These people, get convinced so easily by any new trend, that they don’t even question, that if nothing is broken,what are they trying to fix.

Just like gluten intolerance, millions of people suddenly get lactose intolerant, just because they saw a video on YouTube. These are same people whose generations have been relishing dairy products since centuries.

No doubt, dairy and gluten intolerant people exist, but allergies and sensitivity to foods are individual issues. People can be allergic to some nuts, soy, eggs,some fruits, grains etc. But that doesn’t make the food bad, it’s an individual issue.

Therefore, before trying to adapt to a new trend, question yourself and the trend. Just like a kid, don’t accept anything from a stranger, not even free information, without questioning.

Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra is a renowned fitness professional, a speaker , a writer and the owner of Indias research based platform, Werstupid. He has been transforming lives, and has addressed many a people with motivational words. Known as the Encyclopaedia of Fitness Industry, his knowledge is unparalleled.

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